Arabic music will always be my first and my truest luv, simple as that really. So I’m always on the look out for anything new or interesting with an Arabic slant in music and so I stumble across this, “Desert Wave”.

Kind of trippy, chilled out, downtempo sounds with an Arabic vibe incorporated and some of it sounds very promising. It’s not exactly brand new as we had loads of Arabic chillout in the late 90’s, early 2000’s with the Buddha Bar and bands like REG Project, Said Mrad, Alpha-X, Beirut Biloma and so many others. However, that was veering more towards lounge.

Desert Wave is less loungey and more experimental and underground in feel, more avant-garde, maybe even art-school and perhaps a little pretentious in concept too. Strangely and confusingly enough, it seems not to be confined to Arabic, as it also includes Indian influences.

Here’s a selection for you to check out.


“Desert Wave is Arabic themed music, which can reach from a sound, describing the loneliness and destructive character of the desert combined with the Middle East conflicts atmosphere, ergo a hot, dehydrating and dangerous character over psychedelic fata-morgana soundscapes to a mellow sound, produced in an electronic way or with sitars, guitars and other instruments.
Basically, anything which has an Arabic theme can be thrown in here.”

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