Filastine is an artist who has always grabbed our attention for some time now. Way ahead of the curve but flying right under the radar like most of the most impressive and talented artists.

On this new EP he does not stray far from his usual thought-provoking electronic mood music that you can use to score your own imaginary Post-Apocalyptic movie in your mind or you can use it just to get right deep down and depressed to – beautiful melancholia.

This is not summer music but it’s some of the warmest sounds you’re likely to encounter amongst the great volume of current crap out there atm. This is genuine and honest music and brilliant to boot.  Shades of some of my favourite groups on this EP, Cocteau Twins, Soapkills, Modeselektor, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ofra Haza, Moderat, Radiohead (Kid A era) and so much more.

Please take some time to check out this beautiful work!


Outernational electronic music producer and multimedia artist Filastine continues to trample borders and take risks with Aphasia. Delicately crafted acoustic details cascade into walls of sound. Lush vocals float above speaker-rattling bass pressure.

Aphasia opens with layers of vocal harmonics pitched and slurred into percussive crescendos in Requiem 432. The Requiem video is a funeral party for the age of materialism, filmed in Cairo’s squatted necropolis, the City of the Dead.

Sixty Cycle Drum opens with pulsing lofi organs infused with the hiss of tear gas, quickly transforming into the album’s most danceable track as it flirts with the hyper cadence of footwork.

Fans of emo electro-folk will swoon for Murka, with it’s gorgeous pentatonic vocal hooks and string arrangement.

The 808-propelled trap rhythm of Drone Silences may be this album’s nearest reference to any recognizable genre, albeit with a spacious dub sensibility that places it far, far, away from brostep’s yankee heartland. Listen for the synth tone made from a Reaper drone’s motor, a nod to Mahwish Chishty’s cover art contribution.

Aphasia is available immediately as one side of a limited edition cassette tape. On the flipside is LAWANLUPA, Filastine & Nova’s mixtape inspired by the film The Act of Killing. On June 23rd Aphasia drops on iTunes and all other digital platforms, with a10” vinyl following shortly. Here on Bandcamp is where you can and should get Aphasia in any format. Support the artist directly!

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