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Earlier this year, we introduced Mamba as an exciting next step in the evolution of global bass music, focusing not just on grooves but also on live-performed songs. For anyone who missed this post, Mamba is a new project of vocalist and visual artist Pe Pa and the versatile Latin-bass producer Reptilian Commander, both based in Buenos Aires.

‘Amor Visceral’ (‘Visceral Love’), is their first official EP, which came out last week on the Argentinian global bass label Le Ronca Records. This EP shows the promising uniqueness of this project in all aspects. Style-wise it is a creative fusion of many different flavours, even exploring new ones. In turn, Pe Pa’s seductive voice delivers fantastic mini-poems in both Spanish and English, in a punk-ish style that holds the middle between rapping, singing and spoken word.

‘Talk to you’ is the most experimental track of all, restyling the Argentinian folk-genre chacarera with powerful electronic and even metal inspired sounds!

‘Familí Machine’ shows excellently how well trap & trapstep actually fit in a global bass setting. This futuristic combination of smooth, dreamy arps, magnetic bass sounds and catchy vocals make this track a perfect choice for wildly d kind of set, from mainstream hiphop and EDM to experimental electronica and tropical bass!

‘Amor Visceral’, the main track of the EP, is a blend of almost every bass flavour that exists, containing elements of twerk, dancehall, lento and zouk-bass, spiced up with delicious latin percussion, loungy pads and acid sounds. Forward-looking bass music at its best!

‘Chocolate y Frutas’ is tune that makes hot passion drip like chocolate sauce. These delicious, erotic flavoured reggaeton-bass vibes are equally suitable for the bedroom as for the dancefloor!

I couldn’t think of a better closing track for this huge EP than ‘Qué Pasa’, a pumping moombahcore banger that will, like an encore at the end of a live show, have the crowd jump for the last time and unleash all the euphoria that’s left!

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