RockSexxY : Sex, God & FunkNRoll Mix [A Prince Celebration]


This was a celebration of Prince that was originally published on Generation Bass on 31st July 2014.

So my Prince Mix series continues, the greatest living artist today. Even though 2 of his mixes has possibly contributed to me losing my personal soundcloud account of 10,000 followers and half a million plays (currently frozen whilst a legal battle ensues), due to take down notices from his label lol, even that does not diminish my love for this genius. Pah, it’s only a soundcloud account that contained my recent musical history and followers and a bunch of ground-breaking and innovative mixes, that’s nothing to lose for the love of Purple.

For this mix, I focused on his Rock output, many, many overlooked and genius tracks, which I had great joy in revisiting and amongst them are nestled some of his recent output with 3rd Eye Girl, official stuff plus a few bootlegs.

Prince’s rock output goes all the way back to his second self-titled album and that glorious Hendrixesque track “Bambi” that was an anomaly hidden amongst all of the ballads, soul, disco and gospel of that album. When I first heard that track, I was taken aback because such a hard rocking track was so unexpected on that album. Moreover, it was as though Hendrix had been reborn, the guitar playing is sensational. I just put it down to a single track being his homage to the great Hendrix. But no, more followed, much, much more.

His follow-up album, Dirty Mind contained one of my all time fave Prince songs. “When U Were Mine”, I still get goosebumps when I hear that track, it embodies the bittersweet feeling of being in love for the first time but full of so much doubt.

Controversy had “Ronnie Talk To Russia” but that was a bit of a throw-away piece.

Then 1999 unveiled “Little Red Corvette” and some sensational guitar playing on “All The Critics Love U in NY” and “Lady Cab Driver”. Once again displaying his guitar prowess but it was so easy to overlook that because the tunes and the different genres that he experimented with were so solid and great guitar playing was just one factor amongst all of that.

Purple Rain cemented his reputation as a ROCK GOD! The guitar solo’s on “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Computer Blue”, “Daring Nikki”, “When Doves Cry” and “Purple Rain” were jaw-dropping and sensational. A new guitar hero had been born, a guitar hero who could not only play some of the best guitar in the entire universe but who could also play 20+ other instruments like a pro, sing like an angel, scream like a devil, dance like a banshee and exude such a strong odour of sex that you could actually smell it as you listened to him and watched him perform.

There were hints of it again on Around The World In A Day on tracks like “America” and “Temptation” and just tiny portions of it on Parade, but saying that, how freaking funky is that lick in “Kiss” & “I Wonder U“.

Prince as a Rock God came back in full flow on Sign O’ Times on tracks such as “I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man” and “The Cross”. There was much more on following albums.

However, his first proper Rock album was Chaos & Disorder and this came almost 10 years after Sign O’ Times. I overlooked that on initial release but revisited it some years later and man, that album is an absolute corker. It is so underrated as a Rock album. It was released with the statement on the inside cover that it was recorded and intended solely for “personal use” by Prince but thank god it didn’t stay in the vault and we did see an official release.  There’s no dud track on the album and it rocks hard. Indeed the recent material he has recorded and released with 3rd Eye Girl owes a great debt to that album and feels like an extension to that album.

He followed up Chaos & Disorder with the triple album Emancipation which contained some gems like “Holy River” and his cover of the Joan Osborne classic “One of Us”.

The Gold Experience is widely regarded as one of his best albums of the 90’s and that spawned the epic “Endorphinmachine” and the trippy “Dolphins”. Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic followed this, another overlooked and underrated album which contained the marvelous “So Far, So Pleased”. The Rainbow Children was more of a Jazz/Gospel inspired album that followed but it also contained some awesome Jazz Funk guitar licks but none of the vibe fitted into these mixes and so I bypassed that albeit, it is a great album.

In 2004 he released Musicology and it was feted as his return to form. Well thing is Prince never really lost form but this album kinda harked back to his consistent output of the 1980’s and contained some absolute gems and 5 tracks from that album are featured on these mixes.

Planet Earth was a free Prince album first released in 2007 in the UK as a free covermount with The Mail on Sunday national newspaper and there’s a couple of great tracks from that album.

2009’s Lotusflow3r contained a rock heavy side in the shape of disc 2 where Prince explored more of his psychedelic and 60’s Hendrixesque/Santana flavours with a touch of weirdness. Also included a great cover of the 60’s pop classic by Tommy James and the Shondells and also includes (uncredited) portions of Wild Thing by The Wild Ones but made more famous in 1966 by The Troggs and subsequently by Hendrix incorporated into the chorus.

As stated previously, the mixes also contain some of Prince’s most recent rock output with his new band 3rd Eye Girl and it’s some of the most interesting material that he has released in quite a while. I have also included some live bootlegs with this new band culled from his UK shows.

So all in all, I hope you ROCK OUT on these 2 mixes in an always fashionably Purple Way!

RockSexxY Part 1 [Prince] (July 2014) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

1.Let’s Go Crazy (Edit)
2.Chaos & Disorder
4.Pretzelbodylogic (with 3rd Eye Girl)
5.The One U Wanna C
6.Fix Ur Life Up (with 3rd Eye Girl)
11.ScrewDriver (with 3rd Eye Girl)
12.Same December
13.Cinnamon Girl
14.I Like It There
15.The Marrying Kind
16.If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life
17.On The Couch
18.Something In the Water Live (Manchester)(with 3rd Eye Girl)
19.Plectrum Electrum (with 3rd Eye Girl)
20.Let’s Go Crazy Live (Manchester)(with 3rd Eye Girl)
22.Back 2 The Lotus….
23. May U Live 2 C The Dawn(backward masking)
24. May U Live 2 C The Dawn

RockSexxy Part 2 [Prince] (July 2014) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

1.From The Lotus
3.Crimson & Clover
5.Dinner With Delores
6.Paisley Park
7.The Cross
8.Starfish & Coffee
9.Had U
10.One of Us
11.She’s Always In My Hair
12.Little Red Corvette
13.Holy River
14.Into The Light
15.I Will
16.A Million Days
17.77 Beverley Park (Edit)
18.Computer Blue
19.Darling Nikki
21.Gotta Stop Messin’ Around
22.When U Were Mine
23.Elephants & Flowers
24.So far, So Pleased
25.I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man

ELO feat. Mr.Lexx-WICKED EP


Hungary’s premier band Irie Maffia have spawned a great Global Bass producer too in the shape of Marton Elo.

Here’s his brand new & wikkid EP featuring some familiar names like Jamaica’s “roughest voice” Mr Lexx and Generation Bass artist JSTJR whose reputation has catapulted in the past 12 month, as we predicted some time ago before everybody else finally caught on, sounds like a familiar story doesn’t it 🙂

It is JSTJR and his remix with a Mr Choppa Dunks that steals the show here on this EP with a killa remix! JumoDaddy goes for a Moombahton flex and it works incredibly well too. Finally, Elo recruits his band mates for a fantastic Irie Maffia Electro remix.

Great EP which will be doing the rounds everywhere this summer.

Conscious Kalling – New Awakening Remixes


You get Transnational Bass and then you get more of Transnational Bass Hippy Vibe and this release falls into the latter category and contains some really good stuff and it’s free and so check it out!

But I really do despise it when they term it as “Ethnic Bass” sounds so naff imho and “EthnoStep” nah man!

But good release!

“Every once in a while, a track goes places you never expect, and thats the story of New Awakening. A very early track from the beginnings of the Conscious Kalling project, New Awakening was originally written for a vocalist, and then haphazardly posted to soundcloud when the vocalist dropped off the project. The track was destined to go places CK never imagined. Soon after posting, New Awakening was picked up by Subbass as part of their Ethnostep Vol 4 compilation. In a very short period, CK received several spontaneous requests to remix the track, and was inspired to take it further. Now, almost two years after the original release, Subbass and Conscious Kalling have curated a collection of outstanding remixes by 10 up and coming producers from across the globe.

Perhaps due to it’s strong world influence and use of real instruments over deep synthesized bass lines, New Awakening remains once of the most played track’s in CK’s discography. We’re excited to see how far the track will go now, as these 10 producers you need to know breath even more momentum into it.”

Golden Kong


Golden Kong is a producer creating new models of baile funk music. He released few tracks to show for what he is comming for, because he is in another project: Arcade Fighters, producing french house – and getting attention from some labels.

In Golden Legend, the new ep from producer, he have 5 tracks, mixing funk carioca with jersey club, favela trap, a experimental sound, all with a little influnce to house and a little of uk. This kind of music, isn’t the big hit of night, is the sound to you listen and think about it.

In the track Não Para, Mc Gus appear with great lyrics. The sensuality is here, and producer used new beats and a little of beat box from funk. Forget about tamborzão and voltmix, here the idea is to experiment.

Golden legend is the name of this EP, and the main track of ep can explain very good the idea of producer in create this ep and sound. Another great track is Eita Porra, with great sampling as baile funk culture and beats of jersey club.

You can download all this material from free here or in wav here.

M. Geddes Gengras [Deep Mystical Drone]


Here’s a really exciting artist who sounds like the electronic equivalent of Alice Coltrane combined with a touch of early Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, Vangelis and John Carpenter.

Couldn’t really put it any better than this:

“The Los Angeles-based producer is a major synth head, crafting ambient music under his own name, working with bands like Robedoor and Sun Araw and also dipping his toes into more dance-friendly waters with projects like Personable (which has released for labels like Opal Tapes and Peak Oil). His new album comprises “sprawling ambient explorations and deep, mystical drone,” composed on modular synths—some of which are custom made. It’s based on the story of Ishi, who was known as the “last wild Indian,” or in less problematic terms, the last known Native American in the US to exist entirely outside of settler society when he was discovered in California in 1911.

Ishi has a more personal bent as well, inspired by “perpetual outsiders and their quest to understand the torrent of information they are constantly subjected to,” according to Gengras himself. Gengras lost two people in his life who “suffered the same affliction,” and he adds that “Ishi is a metaphor for that, the man who walks into our world understanding none of it but forced to live in it regardless. This is somewhere in between a prayer and a lullaby for him and for the rest of them, but also something for those of us left behind.”

Via Resident Advisor.

Here’s a great mix he recently put together for STW (go there to read an interview too).

Afro Bro's & MC Marquinho – Directoria Do Crime


Here’s a couple of dudes we’ve been sleeping on a bit over here but who are pretty well-known it seems.

Blistering Big Room Latin House tracks that will kill the club.

“Afro Bros, also known as Giordano and Rashid are two superstar dj’s based in The Netherlands with a shared goal to conquer the house scene! Afro Bros’ passion for house music started in 2006 when they decided to perform together. They instantly decided they wanted to give a new spin to house music by creating an own unique style.
The Afro Bros succeeded in this and they’re known for their unique house sound with a tropical touch.

Their remixes and bootlegs of Shakira and dj Chuckie have over 200.000 downloads and 1.000.000 clicks. Their Dubbelfrisss track featuring Alvaro became a major hit in The Netherlands, Portugal, South-America and Indonesia whereby their unique sound immediately got picked up by the national and international house scene.

With performances at festivals like Emporium, Exxelent Brasil, Nope is Dope, Sexy Motherfucker, Castle Of Love Outdoor, Ultrasonic Festival and Latin Village and performances next to Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Afrojack, Chuckie, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Blasterjaxx and Firebeatz the Afro Bros are an established name in the house scene.”

I’m not sure if this first track from 2011 is the original by them or a slight edit by the guy who uploaded it on his soundcloud as means to making it available as it sounds identical to the original by them.


Full Track List:

New Booty Section:
1. Afro Bros – Brasil Furacao (Bootleg)
2. Beenie Man – Dude (Afro Bros Moombahton)
3. Chuckie & Gregor Salto – What happens in Vegas (Afro Bros Bootleg)
4. Loona – Vamos a la playa (Afro Bros Bootleg)
5. Mamakossa (Afro Bros & Stiekz-o-matic Bootleg)
6. Mc maiquinho – Zona Sul (Afro Bros & Altura Bootleg)
7. Ray J -One wish (Afro Bros Bootleg)

Old Booty Section:
1. 20 fingers – Lick it (Afro Bros bootleg)
2. Afro Bros – Bongofok (Pongolove Injection Bootleg)
3. Afro Bros – Youma (Moombahton)
4. Carlos Barbosa & Afro Bros -DISH (Dirty Version)
5. M1chel Telo – Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Afro Bros Bootleg)
6. R1hanna – We f0und love ( Afro Bros Bootleg)
7. Shak1ra – Addicted (Afro Bros Bootleg)


Hiatus : Precious Little


This is such a beautiful track for such a heartbreaking cause.

I’m releasing this track to raise money for Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP), an organisation currently engaged in a humanitarian effort to help innocent people caught in a terrible crossfire. The track costs £1, but please give more if you can, and please do share the link around.

All proceeds will go to MAP, a UK charity that has been working in the region for more than 30 years, and is currently being stretched to the limit in the unfolding medical emergency in Gaza – providing support and training to embattled Palestinian doctors and nurses, stockpiling and distributing medical supplies, and responding to emergencies on the ground. You can find out more about MAP’s work via their website:

Artwork for the track has been provided by my friend Spencer Murphy, who has donated an image from his recent series of bird portraits, Traces:

Pós-funk: Rd da NH


When I started with funk na caixa, there was a discution about the name of that style – now we call it neo baile funk. Few peoples talked about pos-funk, but we argue: man, how can we said “this is the pos funk” or the evolution of this sound, if we aren’t the creators? we don’t live at favela, we don’t live on RJ, we don’t participate on this culture to determinate how the sound will be in future”. So, we decided to name neo baile funk, when the sounds come from a foreign producer or midleclass. But now, the real scene of baile funk is in a great evolution. Producers from RJ are getting influence from EDM and underground scene. They mix their sound with other styles and this is natural. There isn’t any guy telling to them how to do, they want to do it and they do.

One of the big names from RJ, DJ RD da NH is a big example of that. He was invited to play in Wobble – one of biggest party of underground scene on RJ – in a edition here in SP, at Bar Secreto. In this mixtape, Dj Rd da NH mixed: rasterinha, baile funk, aquecimentos, trap and a little of twerk. In a great mixtape of 1 hour, you can see this hability in see other sonoritys and mix with his own culture, the baile funk.

Say thanks to crew of Thump for record this mixtape!

You can check more material of RD da NH on his soundcloud page. We already post few of this sound, but if you don’t read any of this posts, here is:

BRZ005 – Vem piranha remixes


Our friends from label Braza, released a compilation with 5 great remixes to single Vem Piranha from best trio of favela trap, Pesadão Tropical.

The interesting point about this EP is that: the 5 remixes is running out from the popular global bass and ghetto music. From 5 remixes: 1 is moombahton, 2 get influence of chill trap – sons of Sango, another is a heavy electro and to finish it a remix with influence of trance (yeah, this style still a live). BUT, even with this sonority, it’s a great compilation of remixes. Check it and grab it free in soundcloud or wav files at bandcamp:

You can check more from Pesadão Tropical. They will complete 1 year in august and will release few productions and new model of show.


Asshke: from the back


If we love the trio from Pelotas, we have a lover in Joinville. The duo Asshake is another great name, that is shaking the girls and the twerk scene. They start releasing few remixes of rasterinha, twerk, rasterinha with twerk and now they are in the moment to create their own material.

With 2 productions, from the back and descendo, the twerk still the mean influence. But, baile funk still in their productions. In the track from the back, it is less then in descendo, but the influence still there.

In a little chat with Rheg and Mixdude – the responsable from this material – they are planning to release more 6-7 track to end of 2014 and are looking for few collabs. The duo is from Santa Catarina, a state that the main music sound is the deep house. So they are walking alone in this hard trip, but are calling attention. They’re invitted to a mixtape on Club Popozuda, released a track with Chico Dub on Hy Brazil 4 and participate on brz002, from label braza. Be attention with the duo, they’re growing up and getting better day by day.