Haven’t listened to a Dubstep mix for some time and the concept grabbed me on this one and so I listened and I really enjoyed it.

We’re always supporting the underdogs in favour of known and more famous names cause that’s just the way we like it and the unknown names are the ones who excite us most.

Contains a cool mix of atmospheres and sounds from harder Dubsteppy vybz through to Transnational Dubstep, Luvstep/Popstep and DnB.

Nice One DJ!

What the DJ says:

Rob Man this is totally for you.Its probably better that people don’t know how awesome you are.

You are a true fan of music and you teach me so much you funny MUFUxxer.I will do your breaks mix soon ((( :): )))

AstralOne – War Dance (Enoglip Remix)-The original is insane so be proud of this track this is such an insane bassline

Ganja White Night – Chrystal-This is so beautiful thank you you touched me.

Genetix & Trampa – Get With This-Purely insane viciousness with mad style,.Insanely crisp production.Love it!

Dirt Monkey & Shank Aaron – Cardiff Stomp (Original Mix)-That sample tho…….how the H3ll did u do that extended scream sound! Fun song

Ganja White Night – Voyager-Once again this song feels so awesome…..you are gifted

Vyill – Redwort (Original Mix) Definitely next level stuff here Love this song

Darj – The Bhangra Warrior-This sound and essence you captured on this track is exquisite

Delta Heavy – Take The Stairs-Swing D&B this is bonkers sooooooo dope

Loadstar – Need You (Frankee Remix) Overall smooshy Luv feels. Last but not least!

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