Our friends from Belgium have just dropped this 3 years old EP for free (yes after 3 years lol, how bloody generous of them) to celebrate and cheer their national team the Red Devils. But it’s only free (after being released 3 years ago in 2011 lol) until Belgium are knocked out of the World Cup! So I’d grab it now cause Belgium will be gone before the weekend is over.

Gosh I can’t imagine how much it must have hurt them to give a 3 year old EP for free for a few days.  Will they ever get over it?

“Belgica Esta Picao” is the debut single by DJ MELLOW – a veteran of Brussels’ nightlife who recently made some waves in the global bass scene with a particularly hardhitting remix of Westbam’s “Monkey Say Monkey Do” – and it shows that there is more to the man than hyperkinetic percussion and ribcage rattling bass. Merrily skanking away at 110 bpm, “Belgica Esta Picao” smoothly swerves around the nasty pitfalls of moombahton, deriving its momentum from an array of chopped up vocal samples that build up to the sweetest and gentlest of melodic progressions to come swirling out of a home studio this side of the Danube lately. On the remix front there’s Tel Aviv’s funkiest resident SABBO delivering a dubbed out roller with huge club appeal while Barcelona based duo LOS CHICOS ALTOS stay on the skanking side of things, fusing afro caribbean and latin american influences into an intricate polyrhythmic mesh. Further efforts by Mexican tribal don JAVIER ESTRADA and label co-founder MAX LE DARON are in the making. The release date of this digital EP is friday the 16th of december, coinciding with a ravetastic party at Recyclart featuring Tomb Crew and Illaman, Schlachthofbronx and the LOWUP residents Mr Orange, DJ 319, Max Le Daron and DJ Mellow. Esta picao!

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