We touched upon Qgom yesterday and here’s some more courtesy of Spoek:

This month I am premiering my documentary Future Sound of Mzansi (www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A0ZzKybU1U). Future Sounds of Mzansi is a documentary directed by Spoek Mathambo and Lebogang Rasethaba which aims to explore, express and interrogate, South Africa’s electronic music landscape.

This edition of the mix series is an ode to the Kwazulu Natal dominating style called Qgom.

Much like a lot of other mysterious subgenres, Qgom is filled with it’s special quirks…lo quality MP3s…weirdly named songs…unlabeled MP3s…hard to find artists.

Mixing lo-fi MP3s always gives songs a strange ethereal distance. In a way, songs are reduced to a crude essense, some of the subtleties are lost. If a song still bangs as a 96kBps MP3 there’s definitely a banger there. I’m not mad at that.

Enjoy the bangers.

Illumination Boyz – 0748685273 0736197847
Nkokhi ft. Sphelele – Travelling Man (Medium Points Remix)
Rudeboyz – Akasemuhle
Jumping Back Slash – Always Unfinished But Never Outgunned
sbucardo da dj & 031 – king of toms
Snaxxzo – Drunk in love (Dakwe othandweni)
Madanon, Mreyza, ceeyaah ‘n Pilado – IDimoniI
DJ LetlakaRSA ft Masheleng – Xigago
Mqakxman & Voltage Boyz – I’Str8 Sam ft Manyabza
Jumping Back Slash – Blue Smoke
3 Way Boyz – Bitch Don’ t Kill my Vibe
Madanoni ‘n oBen 10 – Opopayi
Roman Rodney – Triple Beat Remix
DJ Master P – Wooh Unganyakazi
Menchess – Mitsubishi song(club mix)
Menchess – khumbula ukubhenga
DJ LAG ft Tempo – Crash
DJ Julz – Bass Push
NakedBoys – Lost Alien
Jumping Back Slash – Plateaux

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