Gabriel Rowano is a producer who persistently strives for a unique, recognisable sound while setting his standards for top-quality music ever higher. We’ve supported him since his first massive release in November last year, followed by an impressive remixes-EP involving five cream-of-the-crop names in global bass music. This new remixes EP, out since the begnning of June, again on Dubco Netlabel, continues this promising trend.

Again, five producers have contributed to this project, interpreting the powerful moombahton orginal in five equally mindblowing ways.

With groovy latin percussion, reggaeton samples and deliciously filthy electro-leads, the rising Venezuelan talent Wost, has reworked Rowano’s melodic line theme into entirely new banger!

The Canadian electronic alchemist Antae is exploring the territory between dark-goth flavoured vibes, psychedelic vibes and dancehall. This wildly experimental approach comes back in a powerful way in this remix, where dark ambient-noise, reverb effects and subtle minimalism give the track an intensely ominous edge.

Insane Fennel, a dark-tropicalist from Russia with a unique style, is the first remixer who leaves the BPM range of moombahton and goes instead for the formula that has become his trademark: zouk-core. I love everything about this formula. The blend of rough bass sounds, slow grooves, subtle percussion and orchestral elements, combined with the fantastic rhythmical alteration of the original lead sample make this remix an uplifting experience to listen and dance to.

Colin Domigan also chooses a zouk bass vibe, but instead spices up the lead melody with  electrifying bleeps, earthquake-inducing kicks and subs and even some delicious Arabic percussion!

Like last time, of all remixes on the EP, Café de Calaveras‘s interpretation is most surprising, remarkably unlike the original track when it comes to the vibe and instruments. Instead of the heavy electronic power display of the original track as well as the other remixes, the Utrecht based tropicalist keeps it light and organic. This has resulted in a mysterious, oriental ambient-flavoured moombahton track that is absolutely unique yet at the same time totally breathes the spirit of Gabriel Rowano’s original idea.

Grab these tracks for free and start exploring your beastmode.. and that of the crowds you’re playing for this summer!

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