I promised it last week but I’m starting to doubt. Does it still make sense to dedicate a special edition to the World Cup now two of the three main cumbia countries, Colombia and Mexico, have both been eliminated? Probably not that much.. The only cumbia-country left in the game is Argentina.. Especially now. I started this post a couple of days ago, before they beat my own country. But sports are sports.. and winners are winners. So here a post to celebrate Argentina.

That means, a more extended roundup of newskool cumbia villera than I’m normally used to. Check out the newest tunes to which crowds football fans will celebrate their victory tonight!

First this.. there was a video circulating on the internet some weeks ago, even reaching the Dutch news, of the Argentinean team mocking their arch-rival Brasil. But who has realised that the song they are singing is actually from cumbia villera singer El Retutu? ‘Brasil Decime Que se Siente’ (‘Brazil, Tell me How it Feels’).. after yesterday’s match, this mildly nasty song gets a whole new dimension, and Argentinians have probably played this out loud yesterday night..

Everyone needs cumbia-education and the roots of cumbia villera is an exciting topic to dive into. A movie or cinematic documentary, Alta Cumbia, is at the point of being released in Argentina’s cinema’s that tells the story of the rise of this scene in Argentina’s underprivileged urban neighbourhoods. Here an exciting trailer!

Deep-dub-cumbia specialist El Barba Dub released this delicious deep bass remix last week  of Chimpan-C‘s huge villera hit ‘La Culi Suelta‘, for the Mexican channel Tropic-All.

This huge tune from El Dipy Papa spices up the vibes of original cumbia villera and reggaeton with a delicious heavier bass synth and extra percussion that sounds inspired by Mexican tribal guarachero.

Grab this banger and play it for all your global bass, reggaeton and mainstream-latin crowds this summer!

Unlike much of the dj-centred Mexican cumbia, urban cumbia villera has been a very vocalist-centred world, revolving around live performances by singers and MC’s are which are the most famous artists. I wonder if this new tune by Mc El Villano, together with Doctor Dj, with lyrics that give all fame and swag to the Dj, is a sign that Dj’s are really getting a more prominent role now in this scene.

Download it here!

Last on the list is De La Calle, showing some love for the Argentinian team with this short trailer for an upcoming acoustic tribute to Whatsapp!

But let’s move on to the rest of the roundup now.

Regional Label hosted the Mexican robot-dj Oscilador Latin Bass recently, who releases a delicious blend of cumbia grooves and traditional sounds with dreamy, futuristic sounds and bass!

This crazy uptempo tune from Qechuaboi, a tribute to the Colombian painter Botero, also delivers a lot of hyperfuturistic laser-madness. Undecided whether this should be called cumbia, 3ball or something else. But who cares, it is ‘Muy Bailable’, ‘very danceable’, and that is what it’s all about in the end!

Orihuela M.S.S. teamed up with El Catorce for something more spiritual.. reworking a devotional song into a crazy-yet-deep trap-3ball banger!

Also from Argentina but from a slightly different corner of the cumbia scene is roots-dub oriented cumbiambero El Ganjahman, whom I’m blogging for the first time on Generation Bass. Enjoy his newest releases from this week..

A mashup..

..and an original production, featuring the rappers from Marciano Crew!

Back to Mexico now, with this nice cumbification of ‘Poder Caracol‘, from the Mexican reggae-ragga formation Lengualerta by Malacopa Bros!

Argentinian fans are getting a last party banger from me: an tasty remix of Gucci Mane‘s oldie ‘Pillz‘, cumbiafied for you Los Mas Chingones!

But truth is harsh and my own team lost. So for now I’m off.. We’ll be back soon!

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