Tilha, aka Diogo Costa is another young and exciting producer from the Portuguese New Wave.

He adopts a Future Tarraxo style, which you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the coming months. Future Tarraxo is a style that we believe that has started to evolve from Tarraxo but with a focus more towards futuristic space oriented atmospheres, explorations and fantasies. Think of it as a Bladerunner Tarraxo Symphony! A style taking much from the late 70’s and early 80’s yet managing to sound so futuristic!

Early adopters of this style are Generation Bass artists Bison & Squareffekt and you can hear it on their releases with us and also our good friend Photo Romance has started to delve into this new sound.

Future Tarraxo: because the sound isn’t quite original Tarraxo and neither is it any of the associated hybrids such as Zouk Bass, Kizomba, Fodencia or Tarraxinha. Being lovers of new micro-genres, we felt like we had to call it something new!

On this EP Tilha soaks up the Future Tarraxo vybz on 4 tracks, many of which first found their home on my Tarraxo Luv Beats Volume 4 Mixtape. Some of these tracks could quite easily find a home on a Tarraxo homage to the great Indie-Goth masters, The Cure! Yes, you read it right, The Cure!!! Disintegration era, hence the title of this EP!

Name checking such a legendary band for this style of music might sound like a bizarre fantasy, yet it’s no longer a fantasy because it’s true and it’s here.

Tilha’s productions are simple & repetitive yet hypnotic, raw yet realized. His sounds are melodic, haunting, Gothic and fascinating.

He is such a novice to the production game that he only sent us self-mastered MP3 files and that’s what you get here. Maybe we’ll do a fully mastered official release in due course but for now soak in the atmosphere and totally captivating spirit of Future Tarraxo and be warned, there’s a load more of it to come!

Grab it now for free below!

J. McFly ReicnarnatedBums.com

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