Yow! There is a new crew of neo baile funk producers, and we have to take attention on them. They will be the producers which will create the neo funk sounds of moment and for sure will be on radar for a lot of time. Few of this names you know, others, maybe not. Lets see:

Carlos Beat

This young producer, with 19 years old, release this album with 10 great tracks and his first release. In a chat with him, Carlos told me he is producing since 15, but just for him, and now release for public.

For first release, this album is amazing! Complexo is a chill trap funk album, with big influnce of Sango songs.


B.A.M, is a producer which belive that: remix is the new formule to produce. Beliving in that, he start with some mashups to show how he can re-create a track, just remixing (in this case, using other music to mix). Sávio is the producer behind this nickname, and said: I’ll start produce soon, but I still wanting to remix.



The Dj RD da NH isn’t the ideal of neo producer funk, BUT, he is very creative in create his own style of baile funk and create other producer as another other producer of funk do. So, it’s good to have he on the radar to check the news of baile funk and his idea of Neo Funk. PLUS: he was the creator of rasterinha beat for Tipocki – Quero Bunda track. So, attention on him!


07 Mc Maromba

Mc Maromba

Mc Maromba is a Mc who is enjoying the neo funk vibes and releasing frew tracks of it. It started with Treme a Bunda, a mix of pagode baiano and baile funk; then released a rasterinha with my name isn’t johnny; now, release a kind of electro bongo with baile funk lyrics!
Maromba said: wait for my favela trap track, I’m recording a new hit!

So, let’s wait for more from him!

Pesadão Tropical

We’re wrote about they, but we have to it again because they are great. Mixing baile funk with trap, this trio are the best of favela trap at moment!

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