In the summer of 2013, the Chilean photographer and video artist Cristóbal Escanilla and visual artist Pablo Lineros traveled through Ecuador and Peru and collected lots of video material of nature, daily life and city-scapes of the visited places. This has resulted in a stunning visual documentary for which they teamed up with the folkloric bass producer Alpha Stronggah.

‘Pedacito de Cielo’ means ‘little piece of heaven’ and that description is precisely the atmosphere that Alpha Stronggah’s track breathes. His mesmerising blend of deep and dub sounds, rich percussion and diverse rhythmical flavours reaches a degree of lushness that comes close the vanguardistic sounds of vaporwave and future tarraxo.

As an extension of the project, Alpha Stronggah’s original soundtrack has been remixed by a forward-looking digital-folk producer from every visited country: Loko Bonó from Peru, Lascivio Bohemia from Ecuador, complemented with Sr. Lufthansa from Spain and Esceptico Jr. (ESJR) from Chile. The remixes have been bundled into a wonderful EP that will be released this week on Regional Label.

But for all of you who can’t wait to get it, Regional Label decided to share Loko Bonó’s futuristic cumbia remix already, exclusively here on Generation Bass!

Download it here for free!

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