Some really cool AfroHouse vybz amongst many other kinds of styles here by this contemporary American outfit with one foot firmly rooted in “State of the art 1970’s technology…Nasty horns..Big drums… Sweaty dance floors..Paradise!”

Check out this hot shizzle:

Fresh on the heels of their critically acclaimed Hurricane Season In Brooklyn album, drummer and studio don Amon returns to his Analog Players Society project with a 3 track excavation entitled CKY to JFK Vol. 1. Setting out to explore his original West African influences, this project is once again a collective effort spearheaded and curated by Amon in his home turf of The Hook Studio and features a revolving cast of singers and musicians close to the cause, this time hailing from the country of Guinea.

Coule’Ba is a West African tune featuring the amazing vocal talent of Missia Saran Dibate of Guinea. We hoped to release it late last year but the studio and surrounding area were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy (bitch). Amon and his fam spent the following months helping alongside the Red Hook Initiative with those even less fortunate in the area. By the time we got the record ready, it seemed only natural to donate the profits to the organization that did so much for Red Hook during that time.

500 copies, hand stamped bright red 7″ vinyl – available late May.

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