I’ve decided that every Thursday of every week (unless something happens to me), I’ll do a post where I roundup /collect tracks that I find are worth mentioning and sharing, no matter the style.

Three groovy and percussion heavy tracks if that’s your kind of thing.

Dancehall track by Leftside, who had a single on Mad Decent, coming out now with a Remix EP for that same single.

If anyone knows how to make EDM or hip-hop bass heavy and super full-on party/go berzerk mode, it’s Boaz. This guy deserves much more attention that what he’s getting. Despite having a had on producing the last Major Lazer album, he’s still pretty much “unknown”.

From Boaz van Beatz’ label. Mixes garage vibes with an heavy style and some dutch rap.

These last five tracks are all beats and synthwork, at least on the side of things that i’d like to point out as amazing about them. Take a listen and follow the artists, they won’t disappoint you.

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