If you liked the preview we shared earlier this week, I’ve got great news, the full EP is out now on the Chilean avant-garde label Regional.

This EP, with 4 remixes of an original track by the Chilean sound alchemist Alpha Stronggah, is the continuation of an audiovisual project by Cristóbal Escanilla & Pablo Lineros that featured Alpha Stronggah’s ancient-futuristic ambient-bass production alongside a mindblowing composition of video-fragments collected in Ecuador and Peru.

Loko Bonó, a dub and tropical bass producer from Peru, did an uplifting future-cumbia remix that you could already download for free. With a powerful cumbia beat and a sharp, vibrating synth lead that reminds of the keytar sounds of cumbia villera, Loko Bonó injects the dreamy vibes of the original with some extra energy that makes it not not just an excellent tune on your phone’s playlist or in the lounge corner, but also on the dancefloor!

The Ecuadorian experimentalist Lascivio Bohemia goes for a totally different groove: uptempo, heavy in percussion and with a subtle, melodic lead. Be ready for some experimental, amazonian jungle madness!

Sr. Lufthansa is a digital tropicalist from Spain who has done remixes for artists like Barrio Lindo and Bomba Estéreo. Together with Loko Bonó’s this is my favourite remix. It maintains the somnolent, cloudy atmosphere of the original but transforms it into a deliciously mysterious, minimalistic deephouse groove, slowed down to a mid-tempo range but with too little ‘dembow’ to qualify as moombah. The subtle use of percussion and deep subs make this track not only unique beautiful, but danceable as well!

ESJR a.k.a. Esceptico Jr. is, like Apha Stronggah, from Chile, and connected to the experimental label Future Frequencies, which mainly focuses on future-beats, chill-trap and deep, loungy RnB. No surprise that this remix leans most heavily of all to the soulful side, spiced up with an experimental baltimoresque breakbeat!

In total five flavours that make you experience a South America that it is entering the future!

Download the EP here!

And if you’re a follower of Generation Bass but still new to Regional Label, I’ve got some extras for you that I’m behind on posting.

First a full album with 7 top-quality deep-dub influenced folkloric bass tracks, from the Buenos Aires based producer Barda!

Grab it!

JMKR, an experimental producer from Santiago, released this absolute pearl of an EP, with experimental, deep acid-techno combined with Andes sounds!

Get it now!


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