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The bahia bass should be the next brazilian ghetto sound on radar. Braza released in march the first part of bahia bass, and now released the second, with more 4 tracks from A.MA.SSA, Som Peba, Braunation and Dj Mangaio. All of this tracks is free for download and you can also buy a poster (as the imagem at top) to help all artists. Braza, the label about brazilian music, won’t sell music, they want to share it and help artists with subproducts as poster. But lets see what they released:

The duo AMASSA, who already know and thoose guys are great! This produce is about heavy pagode baiano with big inflluence of eletronic and trap music. With a noized drop, this pagode baiano is one of greatest track from this second part.

In other side, Som Peba use the pagode baiano more chill with some flute and small loops of vocals. The rhtym of drums is the best and more interesting part of music.

The other two musics is from band Braunation – take some attention to they, sure! – and Dj Mangaio.

As I said, Braunation is a band from Bahia playing the pagode baiano. But, they have more influence of eletronic then other local bands. They shared one track from theiw new album – you can list it here. Even been from Bahia and making pagode baiano, this track is more to listen and think about as to dance.

DJ Mangaio produced the ‘samba de recôncavo’ track, mixing samba, guitar and few eletronic elements. The ideia of Bahia Bass album is to show all kind of new sounds from Bahia. New sounds, fresh sounds, old sounds and classic unknow sounds, as this samba de recôncavo.

This is the new face of Bahia, the Bahia Bass music.

If you, as me, are so interested in this and want to listen more and know more about it, check is amazing mixtape from Mauro TelefunkSoul, one of curator of project.


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