New release from Funk na Caixa is from the great Mc and Producer, Mc R1. The big point of this release is: there is 3 rasterinha tracks, produced from a guy in São Paulo.

We already know about funk ostentação scene, but this scene is changing. Funk Ostentação hitted your limit and public want another thing, something with more flavours to dance and rhythm as just lyric and brand and money. Just to be clear, funk ostenção still existing but with less potential as 2 years ago. And, the lyrics about money and brands will always exist on funk. BUT, lets talk about MC R1

MC R1 produced and singed in all this tracks. The first, Treme pro pai, bring you few latin music influence with a little of gangsta style, and with that, you can listen the rasterinha beat on backgroung, giving the rhythm of music. Desliza, is the rasterinha with the family of trumpet. The melody is so sticky as lyric. The big point is the change of the beat: start with rasterinha and finish as baile funk, a great track to use in a mix to change styles.

To finish this single, a live version of Treme a Bunda, with a great eletric guitar line. I love this music as the first time I listened it. I can’t say it is a ‘old track’ but, was released few months ago, BUT this live version is amazing and I should be on single of Mc R1.

Mc R1 is working with Mc Maromba, with differents formats of baile funk. The track Joga o BumBum, of Mc Maromba, wich mix bahia flavours with baile funk, was produced by Mc R1. The eletro congo, too!

More material is to come about this great producer, you can follow him on this soundcloud page.

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