The problem with not checking your mail is that often you miss stuff like this that came out almost 1 year ago but it’s never too late for awesome music.

This is just an unbelievably trippy almost 30 minute live session recorded at Mini Müzikhol in Istanbul.

It’s Sufi Acid Folk, it’s hypnotic, mesmerizing and magnificent.

In places, it sounds like the electronic equivalent of Jimmy Page’s cello bow shenanigans of the Led Zeppelin classic Dazed & Confused (Song Remains The Same Live Sessions) with a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan wannabee joining the sessions on vox and Moroccans, Nass El Ghawane & Jil Jalala on backing vocals with a pounding techno beat provided by Depeche Mode!

This is a modern classic! I can’t believe it’s been so overlooked!

Insalar consists of Cem Yıldız on vocal, bağlama and electronics, Barış K on electronics and Hogır on percussions and vocal percussions.

The trio delve deep into their Anatolian ancestry with this piece, they go as far back as the 16th & 17th Centuries!!!

“The lyrics are adapted from poems by 17th century poet musician Kul Nesimi (Ben Melamet Hirkasini) and 16th century icon Pir Sultan Abdal (Otme Bulbul)”


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