Hey hey folks, been a long time! but we’ve been hella busy trying to keep everything rolling smooth in the back while our homies are keeping you locked with awesome posts on the blog. We at GB have always been saying we support cool music from where-ever. And since there’s a lot happening in Europe right now, I decided to drop a new series in here with some European gems that I think fit the bill. Expect weird stuff and techno, house, bass, industrial and everything inbetween, as long as its cool, I’m dropping it here 🙂

so I want to kick it off with this man, Shackleton, that has been dropping genre defying music since about 10 years. starting in the dubstep genre when it was still defining its edges, he moved along to more percussive and dark minimalistic bass oriented music. He has a great new 12″ out on his own label called DELIVERANCE SERIES No.1, check it out and support. massive tune!

Also cool and hard as a crack rock is the collab of two of my fav producers, PERC and TRUSS, two brittish boys created a wall of sound with their mix of techno and industrial. they have just completed a second collab EP and its out now, be sure to check that out:

Another great tune from another collab is trying to break the internet right now. John Talabot’s remix of his friend Pional is available for free as a preview of the Pional remix EP on their own HIVERN DISCS label. Keeping it cool over there in Barcelona!

Last but not least my friend CHRIS MOSS ACID has been getting all summery with his TROPICAL EP. Totally out of character for this normally ACID oriented guy, but it def works! Lots of cool stuff on there, here’s an advert (!) he created for his release and check it out on bandcamp below as well. cheers!

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