A couple of weeks ago, my amazing friend and musical co-traveller Svmus Bass hit me up on Facebook about some stuff that kept him busy and one of the things was his deep compassion and thoughtful worry for the young Hungarian producer Gekkei. Gekkei recently talked to Svmus about the breakup with his girlfriend and how that affected him emotionally. But now, Svmus had seen a track, just uploaded to Gekkei’s Soundcloud, so dark and gruesome that it bordered on the alarming and he wanted me to give my opinion. It blew my mind.

That track, a downtempo horror-bass experiment called ‘baby’, was taken off a couple of days later, but it has been the basis for something even more exciting. That thing is this EP, which also marks the beginning of a new collaborative project together with the Santa Rosa based dj-producer, blogger and radio host DJ Broken Record: Dead Stare!

As Broken Record tells on his blog, “…it didn’t take long for us to come across the word “expression,” become mutually stoked, and realize that, though being 10 years apart in age and 9,000 miles in distance, we were on the exact same wavelength when it came to music. This 17 year old from a country I’ve never been to and that I know nothing about decided to tell me, a complete stranger, about his recent breakup, because he knew just from listening to my music that I’d understand.”

The first fruit of these two passionate minds coming together is the most forward looking, exciting experiments in bass music that I’ve seen in a long time, if not all time. This absolutely breathtaking EP, released this week as an exclusive for Cassetteblog,com, throws several global flavours into a pitchblack melting pot of ominous sounds, alchemically forging four deliciously horroresque musical creations that defy any sensible classification. Even skullbass wouldn’t be a fully accurate description. Rather than the raging madness of Munchi or the acidifying slow grooves of God Wonder, Dead Stare’s subtle style is precisely as the name suggests: it literally makes you feel as if somebody, dead or alive, is staring at you alone in the dark – like myself as I am writing this post in bed, sitting upright with a buzzing notebook in my lap and an empty darkness gaping behind the glaring screen.

The titles of the tracks together form a poem around which the music builds up its tension:

1. Someone standing in

2. An otherwise empty room

3. Staring directly at you

4. With no expression or emotion

The first tune is a wonderfully subtle fusion of the sounds of hardcore-terror, speedcore and break-techno with soft, mesmerising melodic synths that have an almost cinematic ambient effect!

Gekkei showed me the EP yesterday and when I heard the second track for the first time I literally cried of exaltation. Faithful readers will know my passion for both 3ball and dark, apocalyptic music and this tune is the perfect combination of both. The melody grips me right from the start and builds up towards a heavy, industrial flavoured tribal vibe, with stomping kicks alongside bright percussion and intense vocal samples!

The third track is the most ingeniously frightening one of all. Constantly jumping back and forth between downtempo, haunted piano sounds and insane experimental bass madness and demon-squeals that just cut through your spine!

But just in case you thought you’ve heard it all after these three examples of otherworldly experimentalism, the most evil wine has been preserved for the end. Can you even imagine anything remotely absurd as comforting baby-lotion-commercial-like piano sounds in combination with torture-screams and raging breakcore? Press play if you dare (not for the weak of stomach)..

Download it here for free!

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