In 2001 the original Momo released a ground breaking album called “The Birth of Dar”DAR (Digital And Roots).

Dar Music is bloody foreigner music.

The album was a milestone in the fusion of Trancey Moroccan music with House, Techno & Breakbeat and was one of the most credible fusion releases at the time, which still stands the test of time today.

There was a remix on the album by Steve Hillage called “Digital Garab-Ministry of Bullshit (The Steve Hillage Remix)” and it’s still one of the best North African Club numbers in the history of this kind of music. I can tell you it always had a constant presence in my DJ crates and at all of my gigs at the time and many years thereafter and each and every time, it always killed it!

This is that track:

Sadly the group did not last for longer than that one now classic album.

But there’s good news one of the members Tahar Elidrissi has now reformed the project under this new name and here’s what he is up to. I hope there’s a lot more to come because this band were pretty innovative for their time and that classic album is still nestled in my DJ crates some 13 years after its release.

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