With August approaching, we’re entering the second half of the summer. At this time of the year the weather in the Netherlands becomes hot and muggy and covers the world with a silent, drowsy Indian-summer atmosphere. The hypnotising weather, combined with a lack of sleep, had me in mood today that is situated in the grey zone between lounging and being in some sort of semi-conscious half-sleep, while catching up on cumbia.

Would it be possible to dream and to blog at the same time? Who knows…


Señor Chancho, one of the co-founders of Regional Label delivered the newest mixtape session, bringing a laidback flavoured mix of digital cumbia essentials as well as many less known tunes!

Brousse FM is the webradio channel of the Belgian tropical avant-garde label La Brousse Records which has been releasing regular podcasts for about half a year now. This month’s fantastic edition is from Dj Caution, who took the initiative to contribute to La Brousse’s series and delivers the best imaginable digital cumbia dream!

Also based in Germany, this time in Hamburg, is Radiola Records, a new tropical-latin-bass platform established among others by Kuto Quilla. Their first mixtape, ‘Sonidero Inmigrante’ is from nu-cumbia OG Dj Subversivo!

Single releases:


Qechuabois live recorded cumbia beats are always a pleasure to share! The Peruvian experimentalist has got some fresh great stuff to open with this week, starting with a testosterone check from the category “porn watchers be like..”

The caracas based alrounder 420 Selektah is killing it with a crazy, both oldskool hiphop and experimental bass music influenced remix of a late 60s Venezuelan cumbia classic, released by RCA Label!

Probably more than anything else, the combination of cumbia with the Jamaican grooves of reggae, dub and early dancehall is there to stay. It sounds so timelessly natural and catchy that no matter what the fad of the day may be, this will probably be played, produced and remixed forever. Here the two newest examples..

A cumbification of a nostalgic hit from the early days of dancehall by Acapulco Zombie!

An here some delicious cumbia-reggae from El Mencho!

But the most common fusion genre for cumbia is, not surprisingly, reggaeton, which is still one of the most popular sounds for Latino youths worldwide.

I like giving an update on Mexico City’s cumbiaton scene once in a while and, it may be my own wishful thinking but I have the idea sometimes that their sound is slowly getting more electronic. Absorbing moombahton or other kinds of bass influences? Who knows.. but I dig it anyway!

Chekesito Dj & Seduction Beat a.k.a. Dj Space (couldn’t find artist pages or Soundcloud accounts of them, but full support anyway!) bring some wild vibes via the number 1 cumbiaton channel Tiestoriki.. Grab it here!

This banger by Dj Nenito Mix and Mc Jhoon Baby E.F. is an example of the more heavily synthed-up sound I’m hearing more often in cumbiaton lately.. Get it now!

But this tune from Dj Scarlett ft. L.E.B S.B. builds up towards an full-blown upfront bass banger that is ready to rock global bass dancefloors worldwide! Grab it for free!

Moving to Argentina now..

After almost a year of silence, Tropikhongo, is back with some tasty cumbiaton too!

More typically Argentinian vibes here, from Dj Luciano, reworking an acapella from the reggaeton duo Jhon y Demian!

‘Cumbia Piola’, the new release of MC Caco ft. Negro Santo is a huge tune that fuses the flavours of cumbia villera, salsa, hiphop and bass music. A diverse stomper with enormous radio-hit potential perfect for global bass as well as mainstream-Latin crowds! An absolute must for your sets and playlists, add it here for free!

And here a preview for a new cumbiaton tune from El Apache Ness, again spiced up with powerful synths!

More than time for the feelgood-tunes now, delivered this week by Fede Flores, who gave two Die Antwoord hits an excellent cumbia-bass makeover!


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