When I started with funk na caixa, there was a discution about the name of that style – now we call it neo baile funk. Few peoples talked about pos-funk, but we argue: man, how can we said “this is the pos funk” or the evolution of this sound, if we aren’t the creators? we don’t live at favela, we don’t live on RJ, we don’t participate on this culture to determinate how the sound will be in future”. So, we decided to name neo baile funk, when the sounds come from a foreign producer or midleclass. But now, the real scene of baile funk is in a great evolution. Producers from RJ are getting influence from EDM and underground scene. They mix their sound with other styles and this is natural. There isn’t any guy telling to them how to do, they want to do it and they do.

One of the big names from RJ, DJ RD da NH is a big example of that. He was invited to play in Wobble – one of biggest party of underground scene on RJ – in a edition here in SP, at Bar Secreto. In this mixtape, Dj Rd da NH mixed: rasterinha, baile funk, aquecimentos, trap and a little of twerk. In a great mixtape of 1 hour, you can see this hability in see other sonoritys and mix with his own culture, the baile funk.

Say thanks to crew of Thump for record this mixtape!

You can check more material of RD da NH on his soundcloud page. We already post few of this sound, but if you don’t read any of this posts, here is:

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