Here’s a really exciting artist who sounds like the electronic equivalent of Alice Coltrane combined with a touch of early Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, Vangelis and John Carpenter.

Couldn’t really put it any better than this:

“The Los Angeles-based producer is a major synth head, crafting ambient music under his own name, working with bands like Robedoor and Sun Araw and also dipping his toes into more dance-friendly waters with projects like Personable (which has released for labels like Opal Tapes and Peak Oil). His new album comprises “sprawling ambient explorations and deep, mystical drone,” composed on modular synths—some of which are custom made. It’s based on the story of Ishi, who was known as the “last wild Indian,” or in less problematic terms, the last known Native American in the US to exist entirely outside of settler society when he was discovered in California in 1911.

Ishi has a more personal bent as well, inspired by “perpetual outsiders and their quest to understand the torrent of information they are constantly subjected to,” according to Gengras himself. Gengras lost two people in his life who “suffered the same affliction,” and he adds that “Ishi is a metaphor for that, the man who walks into our world understanding none of it but forced to live in it regardless. This is somewhere in between a prayer and a lullaby for him and for the rest of them, but also something for those of us left behind.”

Via Resident Advisor.

Here’s a great mix he recently put together for STW (go there to read an interview too).

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