Golden Kong is a producer creating new models of baile funk music. He released few tracks to show for what he is comming for, because he is in another project: Arcade Fighters, producing french house – and getting attention from some labels.

In Golden Legend, the new ep from producer, he have 5 tracks, mixing funk carioca with jersey club, favela trap, a experimental sound, all with a little influnce to house and a little of uk. This kind of music, isn’t the big hit of night, is the sound to you listen and think about it.

In the track Não Para, Mc Gus appear with great lyrics. The sensuality is here, and producer used new beats and a little of beat box from funk. Forget about tamborzão and voltmix, here the idea is to experiment.

Golden legend is the name of this EP, and the main track of ep can explain very good the idea of producer in create this ep and sound. Another great track is Eita Porra, with great sampling as baile funk culture and beats of jersey club.

You can download all this material from free here or in wav here.

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