What a mess.. what a state we are in.. people killing people on an industrial scale. It makes me sick. Literally. It seems somewhat irrelevant to talk about music, but I’m going to anyway. Hope this music helps you clear up some of the chaos in your head…

Dread & smoke head and abstract hiphop mainstay RAS G (AKA AFRIKAN SPACE PROGRAM) has been dropping more good music than Jay Z and Kanye West combined the last 2 years. His own blend of Afro Futurism, Sun Ra Arkestra-esque freejazz and make-it-up-as-you-go-along MPC improvisation has made a serious impact on hiphop heads all over the globe. I’m always happy when this guy drops a new tune. Its short, but its on FIYAH!

On the other end of the world OPAL TAPES have been dropping some serious experimental music as well. Artists like Run Dust, and Worker/Parasite have all been testing the limites of techno and house and your speakers, with some weirded out funky stuff. Here’s three tracks that are really awesome and show the great diversity of this label:

Time for some structure. Amsterdam’s RADIAL RECORDS are known for just that. Straight forward techno that has basicaly sounded the same for 10 years. Most of the time i get bored with it real quick. But RADIAL knows how to cherry pick the best, exquisite banging techno with a little industrial edge. just how I like it. This one is really cool, forthcoming on RADIAL!

I’ve been on a compilation record this year with a UK cat names MARK FORSHAW. I gotta be honest. I kinda forgot his name for a while. But Then I saw this youtube clip with an amazing track. Artist? MARK FORSHAW! This track kills guys. forthcoming on III RIVERS:

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