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Our zombie-apocalypse trilogy was meant as the beginning of a more permanent return of moombahton on Generation Bass. Last month, we gave you a foretaste with Gully’s appetising moombahton-salsa stomper and the fresh Tradigital EP from Gingee. And here we are with the first solid roundup, shouting out to the whole moombahfam, especially our friends at Original Moombahton and Moomba+ whose tireless, amazing work is starting to yield sweeter fruits with every passing month!

If you don’t have them already, these are the tunes you should be playing all over this summer! On the festivals, in the clubs, as ringtones for your phone!


There may well be more new moombahton mixtapes out there but I picked this one from the DC based DJ-producer Hugo Haze that came online just a couple of days ago. This second edition of his Noche de MooMbahTON mixtape series is the perfect introduction to the freshest moombahton around today. Especially if you don’t have time to listen to every track supported in this post and need a good summary.. I advise you to check out this mix!


The most spectacular moombahton release is from the upcoming Colombian talent Dj Tombs, who dedicated a 9-track EP to the fusion of moombahton with the Caribbean-Colombian style champeta. The great thing about this EP is that it contains collaborations with Colombian MC’s and producers as well as with important names in the international moombahton scene.. Original Moombahton already showed love for two tracks from this EP. Now full support from Generation Bass too!

Get it here!

The Chilean basshead S T Δ R K released another exciting project, ‘Viva Moombahton Mierda Vol 1.’: an all-free mega-album with 10 fresh tunes that came out last week via the newly created Chilean netlabel Chile no es chile. The album contains original productions as well as remixes and features upcoming names in the scene like Moombah KingzDawgie Style and Rod Franco alongside the Chilean electronic alrounder 3F3XT! For fans of the classic sound of moombahton this album is just perfect, time to add this to your sets and playlists and to heat up your block parties and BBQs!

DODBB a.k.a. DjFTFB made two delicious moombahton experiments that draw heavily on techno and deephouse, with a dark edge. Both tracks, dedicated to Baron Samedi and his wife Maman Brigitte, two important deities from the Haitian Vodou religion, are now released togehter as a nice mini-EP!

Single releases:

Ricky Vaughn has been leading the moombahton movement for a while now. This new club-flavoured release shows Ricky is still undisputedly ‘The Greatest’!

But Dj Lockie is a good rival for that title. His moombahton, bubbling and zoukbass remixes of dancehall and RnB songs are the very essence of global bass at its finest. An experienced producer who is there to stay and whose name we will definitely hear more in the near future!

Lockie and Wu Tang turntable legend Dj Sueside are regular supporters of each other’s music. Both like to showing respect to oldskool dancehall, the direct root of both the dembow and the bass-side of moombahton. Just check out this fantastic Lee Anthony remix, with some synth work so absurdly phenomenal and crazy that I don’t even have words for it!

GodWonder is under the favourites radar of Generation Bass since his impressive skullbass special earlier this summer. He is also becoming one of the major supporters of the new-generation moombahton movement in the Netherlands. Check out his moombah remix of the ghettozouk flavoured hit ‘Fissa’ (slang for ‘Party’) by the 11 year old rapper Tur-G!

And the original track is so huge that it needs to be shared! Meet the future of the Dutch urban scene here, featuring Emms from the crew Broederliefde, best known in the moombahton scene for Morrison’s fabulous remix, and the 13 year old Andy. Get it here!

Billion Dollars from San Luis Potosí, Mexico is a promising upcoming talent whose quality, originality and subtle style show every sign of readiness for a massive breakthrough. This absolutely phenomenal banger will be released this as part of the Summer Night Antems EP on the Mexican electronic music label Nightone Records!

Gabriel Rowano too is synonymous with the kind of moombahton that has amazing mainstream-hit potential: fusing the worlds of dance, urban and latin music in a catchy, melodic and passionate way. Rumours about a huge collab with the young, Rotterdam based talent Indisa have been buzzing around on Facebook for a while and this week it’s finally there.. Grab it for free!

But perhaps most of all, the Venezuelan producer Wost, whom Mad Decent rightly called a prodigy, is a name from whom you can almost certainly expect spectacular things in the near future. Check out his fresh collab with the Mexican electronic alrounder Zombie Blood Party, blending moombahton with twerk and merengue.. PODER LATINO!

And of course don’t forget the Chilean duo Bacondo that has been on the rise this year with their unique and powerful Andes-bass sound. Since their spectacular EP and support from Thump Mexico they’ve released two new freebies and this is my favourite! Grab it!

Hataah is another absolute prodigy in the scene, one with a unique, organic style that takes percussion to a level way beyond the next level. He is back now with a breathtaking, prehispanic themed moombahton tune! Download it now!

Equally unique percussive vibes are delivered by Naybr an alround bass producer from Miami in his second release via Original Moombahton!

Frequent readers of my posts will know that I love hardcore and hardstyle influenced global bass. The rougher the better. G-unnior is who is never letting us down with this kind of sound, continuously pushing tunes that guarantee a spectacular amount of hard energy. Grab this new freebie which has some deliciously raw screech-work!

Hugo Haze teamed up with the Guatemalan moombahtonista Dawgie Style last months for this deliciously filthy banger!

Here, in turn, Dawgie Style‘s collab with S T Δ R K!

And check out S T Δ R K‘s freshest crazy banger that came out just a couple of days ago!

The Venezuelan duo Mambo Killers makes the crowds jump with this epic piece of classic-moombah flavoured madness!

And Rod Franco from Guatemala knows how to make all the single girls on the dancefloor go wild!

PEACETHEFVCKOUT, a DJ-producer from LA, has been releasing great moombahton for a while now and is becoming a regularly featured artist on Original Moombahton. More than time for some love from Generation Bass! Check this out and see why!

In June, the Swedish electronic alrounder Marco Villaroel appeared on Original Moombahton Vol.1 compilation with a collab with LocoMotive. His new track that came out last week is a perfect example of the kind of moombahton that we need!

Alan Wolfe, from Tampa Florida has been around for a while with productions in various genres. This year he shifted his focus towards moombahton. His new release is just amazing: a beat that holds the perfect middle between dembow and a more breakbeat flavoured groove and synth-work so delicious that gives me goosebumps!

Will Hype is a moombahtonista from Spain whom I overlooked in the Europe section of the zombie roundup. Back in May, he released a huge moombahton banger together with dancehall vocalist Sherpa Man! Check out the (NSFW) video and download the tune here!

Next to this newest generation of moombahtonistas, folks from what I call the ‘middle generation’ are still rocking it as hard as ever!

This huge release from Tittsworth and Dj Blass‘ featuring the reggaeton stars JowellPolaco and Maicol is not only a tune with enormous hit-potential, it also marks one of the most important new developments in moombahton that I’m very excited about: closer integration of moombahton with reggaeton!

I’ve been talking to many people about the question that has been puzzling me ever since I know about moombahton: why isn’t it embraced yet as part of the new generation of urban-latin sounds like salsa choke, mambo de la calle and dominican dembow. But now this seems to be changing. The vocals in this song are not sampled but were an actual collaboration of a producer who has one of the biggest moombahton hits so far on his name with an absolute reggaeton legend together with influential names in today’s reggaeton scene!

Noizekid‘s legendary moombahton edits of reggaeton classics have also provided perfect bridges between the urban-latin scene and moombahton and I cannot imagine otherwise than that this must have been a huge boost to the movement!

Fake Moustache, who started pioneering with moombahton in Mexico more or less completely on his own can now witness that his country, especially Mexico City where he lives, is now one of the most vibrant hotspots for moombahton!

The duo LocoMotive is an example of the promising crew of upcoming moombahtonistas when the initial hype was at its peak. But unlike others from that era, they never stopped producing it. This fresh, twerk-flavoured, perreo-inducing collab  with Happy Colors came out just a couple of days ago!

MaxX and EJ also belong to that generation of producers and continue to be a huge inspiration. Check out their fourth and newest edition of their ‘MaxX & EJ Mondays: 10×10’ release series in collaboration with Do Androids Dance where they explore a wide variety of bass and club sounds. This time they deliver some catchy pop-flavoured moombahton, featuring The R.O.A.R. that sounds ready for the radio!×10

A third important name from this category is Kapo, from New York. This official remix for the Panamanian reggae(ton) and dancehall artist Mr. Saik shows once again that moombahton and reggaeton are coming closer together in an exciting way!

The spotlights of this roundup were on classic and reggaeton influenced moombah so let’s finish with some more genre-crossing flavours!

Passionate moombahcore from Krumm!

Powerful dark-experimental moombahton from John Johnny!

Lush and steamy moombahsoul from Mohntee!

Delicious afterhours flavoured moombahdeep grooves from JVDS!

And my personal favourite genre-crossing experiment: a neo-80s analog tropical tech tune from Paris based synthwave producer Cosmovitali!

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