Still the world is on fire. A particularly bleak week for mankind this one. Massive amounts of death and dispair. Corrupted minds by cultural and religious differences that are really meaningless. There is no God. There is only the human condition. Deal with it folks.

For a couple of years the Brooklyn LONG ISLAND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS folks have been releasing some of the most bleak, eroded and rust on your circuits driven techno. Here’s a minimalistic gem thats soon to be released featuring some of the bluntest programming this side of 1987 Chicago house.

they are also dropping avant-pop’s ERIC COPELAND (yes. of BLACK DICE) record:

Heavy duty mystery techno duo BLACKNECKS have also been gearing up for their 5th release, simply entitled BLACKNECKS 5. It’s no secret one of those two is TRUSS. Or maybe it is.. anyway.. this is techno like a smack in the head:

For you folks that don’t know LEE GAMBLE yet, I’m just going to post a bunch of his stuff below here. It’s like a lo tech solution to mega problems kinda vibe. lots of beats that sound like they come from broken machines or have been man handled to much. anyway. great stuff 🙂

and just on the brink of saving this post I saw the new ACTRESS EP “XOUL” was finally online! yesssss. thanks to the lovely folks who put this on youtube so we can all enjoy it 🙂 this was limited to 500 copies on vinyl and got sold out in less than a day I think.

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