Bagpipes, roosters, cows, dogs and big phat 808 bass? Is this the current development of urban music? Is trap music that big right now that it took over the countryside? Is RURAL the new URBAN these days? Is trap music only reserved for humans? Are farm animals the next big thing in EDM worldwide? So many questions raised, but only one definite answer: maybe.

Well, while the hot debate over the future of EDM is ongoing, you better find the proper answer for yourself. This is how farm animals got along with their master`s hillbilly bagpipes and Roland TR-808 somewhere in the mountains of Eastern Serbia:

Who will be the master tomorrow – the farmers or the animals? Do you want to prepare for the future? Obey the power of farm animals while it`s not too late and go buy this independent release HERE IF YOU WANT MP3 or HERE IF YOU WANT FLAC.


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