I discovered this deep house duo with their beautiful remix of the non-less beautiful Gooey from Glass Animals. As i really was curious to know more about them, i sent a short message and Florian, one half of the duo, kindly accepted my request for an interview. So guys good things need to be shared, enjoy this short interview of Wild Culture !


GB : Can you tell us a bit more about both of you guys ?

Since 2008 we (Felix & Flo) know us from different parties. Before Wild Culture we had different Electronic House projects with many Drum and Bass influence. After a crazy party night in 2009 we came on the idea to make some Beats together. So we met us and started to work on a few tracks. After the first track, we saw that we have the same harmony and love to Deep House and the natural spirit of analogy and organic beats. That was the beginning of Wild Culture.

GB : You landed on Kittball Records that released some tracks from artists like Kolombo, David West or Gui Boratto, do you feel you have reached another step into professional music production ? 

 Kittball is our homelabel. We are a like a big family and love each other. The step to Kittball Rec. was very important for us and helped us to show our music to a new audience. So yes, it was a step to a more professional music career. However, we do not know where the future will bring us. But one thing is sure, we love to make music and we try to give people with our music special moments.


GB : Do you intend to release your sounds on vinyls or in a digital package ?

We have already released three vinyl EP’s and we will keep on releasing not only digital releases, because we love the vibes  and the organic natural sounds from vinyls.

GB : What’s your setup on stage ?

 We work on stage, with one Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus and four Pioneer DJM 2000 Nexus. Furthermore we use two Techniks Mk 1210 for our vinyl collection and we are planning a real live setup.

 GB : At the moment you’re playing at festivals, do you plan to work on an album or a new EP after ?

 At the moment, we work on three new Singles for different Labels. For the Singles we work with indie & pop bands, singer /songwriter and musicians around the globe to offer our audience a new and wild attitude to life. Also a concert with a “Wind-Orchestra/Ensemble/Band” is in process of planning. Mhm, so a lot of great and very interesting projects are happening at the moment, which give us energy and motivation. An album maybe comes in 2015, if all ideas and requirements are good 🙂

 Cheers Flo.

GB : Thanks to you guys !


Wild Culture on Soundcloud : HERE !

Wild Culture on Facebook : HERE !

Kittball Records‘ homepage : HERE !


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