There appears to be a cease fire. I don’t know what that means, because I still see dead kids on the news. I hope this will get better. I really do. Ape shall not kill Ape, Man shall not kill Man…

I will return you to your regular program of dark house and techno beats now…

Lets kick it off with a bunch of JTC tracks. James T Cotton that is. aka Dabrye. aka Tadd Mullinix..

heres some fire he has just dropped on his soundcloud. Solid stuff, be sure to check him and his music out!

Nathan Fake and Wesley Matsell have announced a joint label venture, Cambria Instruments, which launches today with a split single from the two founders. Cambria Instruments is named for the he ancient English/Latin word for Wales, Matsell’s home country, and was inspired by Fake’s interest in British history.

On the a side the awesome dark funk cut by Nathan Fake

and on the flip and equally nice jam by Wesley Matsell:

Stockholm, Sweden’s NTOGN has been making waves with his totally evil industrial techno and dark bass techno. Nightmare fuel for the dance floor. Or vice versa. Anyway, great music from someone who prefers to walk in the shadows, lets keep it at that.

The HYPNUS label is his thing I think, or someone close to him, cause it releases a lot of similar, dark and evil sounding northern techno. Some of it is on vinyl, some of it is digital. These lines seem to blur in the modern age. Which is good. This is an album by ELLE called THANATOS and is absolutely a cool listen (and buy!) for all techno heads:

After receiving critical acclaim for his first exclusive mixed CD & compilation, Matt Walsh presents: The Clouded Vision Experiment in November 2011, Clouded Vision’s Matt Walsh returns with the second in the series. The triple vinyl and included CD mixed by the label owner contains unreleased and exclusive tracks. This is a great collection of techno and innovative house tunes. Check out the lot here:

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