Well I just got back from yet another wonderful trip from Turkey, a possible future home for my family & I and this great new mixtape from Turkey just dropped in my inbox – great timing.

You might recall we featured these guys previously with their Türkiye Karışık mixtape which centred around the Political events happening in Turkey at that time.

This time, they’ve put together a playlist of Anatolian (Turkish) and Arabic Dub about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

It’s just sublime!


Monkeymarc – Sufi Dub
Komadub – Nema feat. Fedayi Pacha & Basibozuk
Fairuz Derin Bulut – Benim İçin Üzülme (Grup Ses Sakatatata Dub)
Şambaba – Bilmem Neden! (Neşet Ertaş Dub)
El Mahdy Jr. Last Breath
Echo Wanderer – Gham Dub
Rafiralfiro – Istanbul Entiloque (Monkeymarc Remix)
El Mahdy Jr. Zalim Delay (Featuring Gulls)
Checkpoint 303 – Needle Stuck on Lebanon
Waltvillion – Down In My Heart (Eğer Benim ile Gitmek İstersen)

News clips from; RT, Euronews, The Arab Summit

Istanbul, 2014.

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