The last weeks have been tough on me and almost devoid of music. But now I’m finally back in my appartment, with ahead of me some nice cath-up work to do here on Generation Bass. Before anything else, that means cumbia. For all of you who’ve been craving for a roundup for more than three weeks, here some nice treasures that have been worth the wait.

If you live in Europe, keep an eye on the Argentinian experimental cumbiambero El Remolon, who will be touring through Europe in September, starting in Prague! Here some impressions of his hypnotising live shows.. bookings are still open!

Here you’ve already got his newest release, a tune to expect on his live-show!


Pa Kongal is an important name in the world of vanguardistic latin music in Mexico City. Last week he delivered the new mixtape edition for our Chilean friends from Sello Regional! There’s a lot of excellent zouk bass in this mix too that deserves to be mentioned!

Just as I try to do from time to time in these posts, Pedrolito Radioglobal often includes a great deal of popular urban-flavoured cumbia villera or other, smoothly digestible feelgood stuff. No matter how new you are to the sound of cumbia – even if it is not your thing at all but just “read my blogs to enjoy Victor’s writing” (you know who you are..) – this mix will make you dance with a big smile on your face!

And here another mix with a nice mainstream-feelgood touch: happy uptempo cumbia house, delivered by DJ D.Edwards!


A little more than a week ago, Dany F released a brand new free album with nine hyperfuturistic tracks!

Grab it here

Pakapi Records is an experimental label from Argentina which released this absolutely mindblowing psychedelic cumbia album last month. Many tracks are from artists I’ve never blogged before but you should definitely keep an eye on!

Download it for free!

Like myself, Exta Machine has a passion for bringing different worlds together. This new 4-track EP bridges flavours as diverse as bigroom house, cumbia, 3ball, trap, banda, and moombahton! All tunes are free!

Before finding out about this EP, I’d never heard of the new experimental  latin-bass project Sonido Sabrosong. This 3-track EP is just sweet, mixing cumbia with the delicious sounds of 80s electronica! Download it for free on Soundcloud!

Single releases:

Since back in the days when I started blogging about cumbia, Polymiller has been one of my favourite digital cumbiamberos for his deliciously dark-edged style! This energetic new release, featuring MC La Terrorista del Sabor is the best way to recover after three weeks without cumbia!

Hydroselekter is also back with a magnificent cumbification of ƱZ‘s banger ‘Trap Shit V20‘!

As a kid, I grew up not just with classical music but also with every thinkable kind of ‘modern interpretation’ of classical music themes, from rock to 80s beat music to trance to new-age ambient. But this deep-experimental cumbia pearl from Tribilín Sound, inspired by Bach’s “Little” Fugue in G minor, BMV 578 really stands out far above any classical-music edit I’ve ever heard. I’m sure my dad will love it!

Yelram Selectah has got as many as three jewells in store for us:

A typical Yelram-style cumbification of Lana’s new hit ‘Ultraviolence‘!

A hyper-uptempo trap-bubbling inspired edit of Sonido San Francisco‘s nu-Cumbia classic ‘El Genero Romantico‘!

And an oldie, dug up from his personal archives: ‘El Colchón’ (the mattress..)!

Another remix of ‘El Genero Romantico’ here by Dj Caution!

And also check out these wonderfully thoughtful late-night vibes!

Tu Guaina‘s new release is just gold: equally trippy and futuristic but now with a lot of dance drive too, combining the flavours of moombahton, cumbia and deep-tech!

Orihuela M.S.S. is becoming one of my favourite cumbia producers too. This fresh hyperdigital tune is just amazing!

Niño de la Cumbia is not a newcomer in the scene but somehow I’ve failed to notice his stuff before. Check out the great music vid for one of his latest releases last and grab it for free!

Last month, Cucumbiaba uploaded this fantastic downtempo tribal-tech-bass tune by his friend Cosmo Gómez.. not 100% cumbia but a treasure for sure!

Now I came across this delicious track, extracted from a live set by Cumbia Dub Club Petardo, I realised that dub-influenced cumbia has been much neglected in my posts lately. These delicious laidback grooves cry for more!

But time for party music now!

The combination of Mexican cumbia, with twerk and moombahton is a perfect recipe for next-generation latin vibes! The Ghost gives an excellent demonstration!

This subtle remix of Loko Bonó ft. Miss Fi‘s s deep moombahsoul track ‘Era de Acuario‘ by the Peruvian tropical basshead Sonidos Profundos combines the flavours of moombahton and cumbia in an uplifting way!

As our closing banger there is this final treasure of a tune, where the Chilean duo Moombah Kingz bring together utimate climax stompers from two worlds of music that I would love to see come closer together in the future: moombahton and Argentinian cumbiaton.. Nene Malo meets GTA!!

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