For who’s read my recent moombahton roundup it may come as no surprise that Billion Dollars, from San Luis Potosí, is one of my favourite producers these days. And he’s got a huge new EP that came out two weeks ago as an exclusive for Moomba+!

In ‘Way Out EP’ he presents five excellent tracks all of which explore exciting areas of electronic latin music:

Amigo is a deliciously powerful, dark-edged moombahton banger!

Billionaries spices up a twerk vibe with intense, junglesque percussion!

Minha Escola brings a energetic-yet-deep fusion of Jersey and Baltimore club with a subtle Brazilian touch!

Monterrey, my absolute favourite track on the EP, experiments with thoughtful Sunday-afternoon flavoured lounge grooves, spiced up with a slowed down 3ball beat!

Worldwide is an crazy, uptempo eclectic bass track that draws elements from dark trap, blubbling, jungle terror and even psytrance!

If you haven’t checked it out already, get it now for free!

Friends of the producer coined a whole new term for the dark eclectic vibe of ‘Worldwide’, ‘Satan Bass’.. which inspired the producer to make another track and push Satan Bass as a new ‘thing’! He defines it as a mix of hardstyle, trap, cumbia and reggaeton.. which immediately reminds me of Gekkei and Dj Broken Record’s Dead Stare project.. the beginning of something larger..?

For now, check out this powerful, dark-twerk flavoured banger: ‘Latino’!

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