Another week, another couple of dark industrial and techno bangers for your from the Northern hemisphere. Its been a good one. Well… The media attention has diverted from the middle-east to Ferguson now, since another case of police brutality has almost sparked a new civil war. Almost. I’m also still waiting till those ISIS or IS guys hit a target of financial or strategical importance to the US. That’s what it takes to wipe out those fools I guess… But this isnt a political column now is it! so lets get into some serious music:

My homies over at LIES have dropped the new TERREKE record and its a piece of work. My lord. This will be hitting shops this month.

I wasnt planning on posting mixes here at ALL, but this one combines the best of several GOOD worlds. DIAGONAL, VEREKER and ENDANGERED SPECIES. remember those words folks, cause they’ll be popping up on all the ‘big influential’ blogs soon!

On the mainland, the deep house warrior tribe of Permanent Vacation have just put this little gem online, by NORTH LAKE. A deep afair with nice nice beats and percussion. I love the programming on this one and the mellow vibes, like most PERM VAC records. Also watch out for that Drvg Cvltvre guy. He’ll be releasing a 12″ on that label soonish!

Local boy HEKKLA is working up a storm with his events and releases and has just put a solid bangn track online that deserves to be checked out by you lot. More of a sturdy house affair than his previous tracks, this is dedicated to the Belgian city of Luik:

Ntogn’s HYPNUS label has been very active, again some serious industrial styled techno from those lads over in Sweden. check this set out, its a new record by Korridor, and its one of my fav releases of the week.

Yuji Kondo returns to Perc Trax for his first full EP on the label after the success of his remix of Sawf’s ‘Menete’ a year ago. Like Sawf he relentlessly drives forward crafting his own vision of techno, blocking out as many outside influences as possible. Already gaining attention for both his collaborative Steven Porter project and his own Ducerey Ada Nexino side-project it is under his own name that Yuji releases his most uncompromising machine works.

damn good stuff that!

PEVERELIST’s LIVITY SOUND has been working up a sweat trying to blend the borders of house, bass and whatever else they can possibly fit in the mix. Here’s the streaming of those awesome new two remixes and two slightly older ones as well. enjoy and see ya next week.

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