This is simply the best thing I have heard and seen all week.

Amazing music and visuals.

“Official video for NINOS DU BRASIL ‘Legiòs De Cupins’ from the album ‘Novos Mistérios’ (Hospital Productions).

Ninos Du Brasil commissioned a video for each track of the album to Carlos Casas who has created especially for the band a series named ‘Imploded Cinema’, a tribute to the dark classics of Brazilian cinema. In the director’s words ‘I wanted to create a new presentation, a new implosion of those classic of those mysterious Brazilian Movies by Mario Peixoto, Neville de Almeida, Rogerio Sganzerla, Ruy Guerra, Anselmo Duarte, and Glauber Rocha.

All desecrated and re-edited to create a hallucinatory vision of cine-psychedelic unison to the music of Ninos du Brasil.

A true cinema experience imploded.”

Tip O’ Hat to my girl AnnaK!

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