Frequent readers of my posts will know that I love to explore many different worlds of music and bringing them together. So here I’ve got some impressive, dark-melancholic Sunday-afternoon vibes for you, from the experimental producer-singer-songwriter KnowKontrol, based in Syracuse USA.

As a producer, he draws from many different styles and has developed a very unique sound that I’m absolutely in love with. I discovered him when I was exploring the world of industrial music and tried to find producers who combined these sounds with other styles. I couldn’t even have dreamed to find anyone experimental enough to combine worlds as far apart as industrial music and R&B and my mind was blown when I found out that a soundcloud tag “Industrial R&B” even existed. KnowKontrol’s style is just perfect, maintaining all the tenderness and dramatic passion already present in much R&B while adding an intense, scorched gothic atmosphere that invokes images of a barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Sit back, close your eyes and feel this to the fullest!

This is the original song that I discovered half a year ago and still is one of my favourite pieces of music ever!

Thext song, from two months back, has a bit more passionate dance-drive and the bassful downtempo rhythm develops into an almost zouk-ish vibe.. I would absolutely love to hear a kizomba remix of this!

This one is the most energetic and euphoric of all his industrial R&B experiments. Less R&B this time, rather a post-dubstep flavoured vibe, which continuously seems to build towards an explosive drop that never comes.

And just about a month ago, this appeared on my soundcloud feed: a thoughtful, minimalistic tune with a complex rhythmical patern, delicious bass and fantastic percussion work!

Next to his ‘Industrial R&B’ experiments, he makes a lot more great music, often even darker and more energetic. If you’re feeling his style, check out this absolutely stunning dark mid-tempo EBM-techno production, again with amazing percussion work halfway that gives the track an almost moombahton flavoured groove!

As a vocalist, he often collaborates with other producers as well, infusing up all kinds of flavours with his characteristic, melancholic singing style. I’m really feeling this track too, produced by the French experimental dubstepper DreamKorp.!

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