Really feeling this EP with its wide range of melancholic styles and sounds, part classical, part future R&B, part Electronica and part Pop and it’s from Mongolia via Russia!

Truly Transnational!

Kicks off with the Pop Melancholia of “Aching” that morphs into something resembling Carl Orff’s scenic cantata from Carmina Buruna! Has traits of Tom Waits about the percussion too and Ennio Morrricone’s Spaghetti Western atmospherics, really weird but I like it.

The second track is the stand out for me, a sweet melancholic stab of future R&B that kind reminds you of the Weeknd but much better than most of his recent output.

The third & title track starts of promisingly hinting at shades of Giorgio Moroder and Craig Armstrong but is a bit off-putting when that ill-advised and misplaced guitar solo in the last quarter kinda ruins the beauty of the track.

The final track is firmly rooted in a combination of modern dance styles evoking a part Middle Eastern and part Far Eastern theme at the same time, once again steeped in those heavy cinematic atmospherics. Kinda not entirely convinced it works but sounds ok.

All in all, a very interesting EP to explore if you like it heavy on the atmospherics!

“Araatan consist of 2 brothers from Mongolia, based in Russia. The duo gained millions of plays on Youtube & had their share of success collaborating with rappers of the first magnitude in Russia. Now they put more emphasis on electronic genre.”

Tip O’ Hat 2 AnnaK!


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