Another day, another dollar. Made by billion dollar companies that don’t give two cents for a young orphan in Gaza, or Ghana, or Amsterdam for that matter. The industrial complex is a machine that chews all the life force out of you. And your money. What can we do except listen to some music that can translate how we feel. Here we go.

Rotterdam’s MORD label is taking industrial techno to new heights. Almost all of their stuff is killer techno with distorted kicks and danger oozing from the melodies and build. This is one of the best of the best. check it out. D CARBONE’s new EP on MORD:

and if you are checking that out. you’ll def dig this as well – more D CARBONE:

Houndstooth has just signed the great MARQUIS HAWKES to their label. I was expecting something superspecial, with his track record for weirded out records, but this is a bit generic. Maybe the expectations were just too high. vocal deephouse. LOTS of vocals…

Belgium’s finest acid exports ACID MERCENARIES just dropped a live set on their SC of an hour and its a download as well. so its not a mix. ITS NOT A MIX! check it and check them live at that awesome INCUBATE festival as well.

anddddd here we have Darko Esser in his Tripeo guise. Classic techno tracks carefully crafted for use in our favorite basements and sweaty clubs. It starts of with Kuebiko, a long drawn-out cut led by a trippy arpeggiated melody matched by a deep pulsating bass. Next is Nargy, an almost completely stripped to the barebones track that draws it energy from an undulating and relentless bassline. This one just keeps on going and going and going… As closer the quirky Qwerty where crisp hi-hats and snares set the pace over a modulating ”Hoodesque” melody that floats in and out of the track.

I’m gonna leave you with two tracks from my fav new label, WHERE TO NOW? dealing mostly in cassettes and digital, this is true experimental techno. Awesome tracks that you really need to check out:

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