I just came back from Bucharest, Romania and a friend of mine showed me some Romanian stuff i`ve never heard before – the project called Future Nuggets. Basically, the project is all about digging some old Romanian tracks and rearranging it in new way, which is something that I have always been supporting. The most interesting new music style I`ve heard from Future Nuggets compilations is called Manele Prog. Progressive Manele? Manele is rather cheesy popular Romanian music (with a lot of Turkish influences), similar like cheesy cumbia in Latin America, in a way. So Manele Prog is a new version of it, 2.0, like Cumbia Digital to Cumbia.  Check this out, the project called Steaua De Mare (meaning: The Starfish):

“Future Nuggets was constructed by a group of romanian producers, diggers and musicians in their search for a local psychedelic scene informed by the past but made for the times to come. Whether we unearth a jewel directly from the past or we manufacture our own present-day hybrids, we aim to explore the same universal sound skins and global grooves that have accompanied, seduced and finally formed our sonic psychic.”

If you liked Steaua De Mare, feel free to check out some other EP`s of Future Nuggets as well, Raze De Soare and Australopithecus Oltensis:

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