Since I supported Walter Correia’s vibrant tarraxinha mixtape, I realised it was high time for a massive tarraxo roundup in the style of my recent moombahton special!

Our second Generation Bass speciality, innovative african sounds like the amazing stuff coming from the Young Portugal scene, is usually taken care of by other bloggers but I too am a huge fan of it and selected some of my absolute favourite tarraxo tracks that have come out over the last months, including lots of kuduro and afrobeats too!


A couple of weeks ago, I received this absolutely huge album in my Soundcloud inbox from the Australian forward-looking transnational label Brother Sister Records, who released a mindblowing album by the 17 year old, Bordeaux based producer Nidia Borges a.k.a. Nidia Minaj. With Cape-Verdean and Guinea Bissauean roots and a childhood spent in Portugal she is inspired by the Portuguese tarraxo scene but has developed her own unique style. ‘Estudio da Mana’, with 8 original productions and two remixes by the Australian vanguardists Air Max ’97 and Unsoundbwoy, is an impressive, futuristic blend of kuduro, tarraxo, afrobeats, afrohouse, spiced up with experimental synths and otherworldly screwed vocals!

Get the EP on iTunes!

Single releases:

Shortly before her album came out, Nidia also released another stunning experimental track, tagged simply as “new style”, which is even more dark-edged futuristic than most work on the EP. If there is anyone you should keep an eye on in the near future it’s her!


The next tune, from LpBeatz ft. Edy Pro about whom I couldn’t find anything more online, I discovered randomly when searching for something else. But it blows my mind so intensely that even as much blog-love as I can possibly give wouldn’t be enough for what this deserves. With these mesmerising underground-prog flavoured synths and powerful bass sounds, this is future tarraxo as amazing as it can possibly get!


Also make sure to check out his earlier tunes that are a bit more mellow but equally synthy and so wonderfully melodic that without knowing otherwise, you would swear that something as beautiful as this could only come from the magic hat of the ultimate future tarraxo lords BisonSquareffekt themselves!


Here another absolute future tarraxo flavoured jewel, a short but breathtaking demo by SenexBeatzZ from Lisbon!


I was talking to Squareffekt a while ago and he showed me some stuff from Landim, a young Camarate based producer from the Portuguese underground that he was very enthousiastic about. This arabic-flavoured ghetto zouk demo is one of his newest releases and it’s indeed fantastic!


This freebie from [LS.PRO] appeared on my Soundcloud feed just yesterday. Take some time to listen to the subtle deepness and delicious percussive work in here which is absolutely perfect!


Here his previous release, equally impressive, and with even more energetic drive to it!


Tarraxo spiced up with subtle porn samples is just perfect. This fantastic new treasure from Dj Paparazzi, one of the scene’s leading artists, is the ultimate dancefloor seduction!


Dj Estraga combines a blissfully downtempo groove with a subtle apocalyptic atmosphere!


The apocalyptic feeling gets much more intense in this absolutely impressive production of Raphaael Vááz a.k.a # [ R ] Beatz!


But nowhere it gets heavier than in the tracks of Dj Ly-COox. The rough, dark underground energy radiating from this track are absolutely spectacular! The distorted subs, reverb and broody droning sound give this tarraxo track an almost experimental techno flavour!


While with this banger called ‘Revolution’, he unleashes some massive rebellious energy with a pumping beat and atmospheric synths that come close to industrial electro!


More powerful riot vibes here in this recent banger ‘Inveja’ by the Angolan rapper Don G a.k.a Forca Suprema, with a beat from the Luanda-based afrobeats producer Gaia Beat!

But this is where it gets really explosive, a absolutely slapping kuduro-bass snippet from the London based zouk and afrohouse producer DeeJay Gil!


That roughness comes close to the unique sound of the visionary london based future-bass producer NaZaretH! Here a short snippet firing up hiphop with an absolutely magnificent distorted-experimental kuduro sound!

And this phenomenal demo was released a month earlier.. it may well be that it has already been blogged here but I just have to put it in: experimental zoukbass so incredibly dark and rough that it’d make Munchi piss in his pants!


Then now time for something different..

Recently I encountered two unique crews who are kind of with one leg in the world of tarraxo and afrobeats and with the other in Dutch-flemish rap and the wider urban scene around it. Kuduro and azonto have been embraced here for quite a while already and fusions of Dutch rap or R&B with these flavours is getting quite common. But more than anything I’ve heard before, the sound of these guys really seems to move into the direction of the innovative stuff that’s happening in Portugal. Check out these two smooth tracks that came out already a year ago!

ZwartWerk: ‘DingDong’!

CraaiiiGang: ‘Fissa is Hier’ (‘The Party is Here’)!

Dj Babaz Fox is an amazingly productive artist who releases banger after banger. Here the most recent example, out since yesterday!


And this pearl of a track is from last week. Perfect percussive work. And the trained global bass ear will immediately recognise the oldskool 3ball sample in the intro, which makes me enthusiastic for closer global bass integration!

The talented producer Anderson Teixeira is also back, unleashing all your kinky fantasies with this delicious fodencia tribute to the legendary kamasutra!

Dj Edy a.k.a B.N.P.B. teamed up with Puto Helder, whose music we’ve supported since last year, for this hyper euphoric afro-speed banger!

Delany Duvall, from Luanda, is a producer with a unique style tagged as ‘afrotech’, combining afrobeat grooves with deep and techno influences in a deliciously minimalistic way!



More great deep work here from BiG vadO!


As closing bangers I selected too tracks from Roulet, who blows up your speakers once more with two stomping kuduro remixes of heavy dubstep tunes!



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