Fall Sessions #1 – Cumbia (Mega Roundup)


This may have been the longest time ever I’ve left you without cumbia. I didn’t count but I think it’s been more than a month. So how else could I start my new Fall Sessons series, a continuation of my (End of) Summer series, than with a cumbia edition?

All the great stuff that has been released since last time is simply too much to jam into one post.. But everything that you really have to check out is here!


If you’re directly involved in the cumbia scene you’ve probably see this buzzing around already:  a new cumbia/latin bass channel has been launched this month. In his interview, Makina talks about his German friends. These certainly include the two german tropicalists, René Gamez a.k.a.  Skrupersounds a.k.a Sonidero Sin Dinero Sound System and Pocho Gonzalez a.k.a. Dj Gonzalez, who now  joined forces to create a platform that supports upcoming producers from Latin America. The goal is to establish a closer connection, an “underground runway”, as they call it, between the scene in the homelands and the German global bass community. This will not be limited to music only, but also other artforms are part of the long term planning. And we from Generation bass are enthusiastic to help them forward!

Kumbale, which combines the virtues of a label and a soundsystem, starts with an impressive list of releases from more and less familiar names, which include Exta Machine, El Catorce and El $abor. You will definitely hear more from them soon!


We´ve got a lot of everything and mixtapes are no exception. I just needed to share them all.

Let´s start with UMOJA, the Dutch duo, one half of which I just saw live at Fantástica. The other half was booked that same night at a tropical party in Portugal, organised by Musicbox Lisboa. Judged by this exclusive mixtape, that night must have been equally warm and joyful!


The Amsterdam based tropicalist El Búho, Spanish for ´The Owl´, is one of the most unique nu-cumbia producers worldwide. His downtempo, atmospheric blend of deep-dub sounds with organic percussion and bird sounds makes clouds of thick, Amazonian jungle haze and thin Andean high land air steam right out of your speakers. This delicious mixtape was recorded on Graefenthal IV Kloosterestival, a meditative electronic music festival in and around an old monastery, organised by event platform 12inchCity in collaboration with INI Movement!

Dash Slktr is a global bass alrounder from Cali, Colombia who loves pumping, sensual dancefloor beats. This month he featured in the new edition of Regional Label‘s legendary mixtape series with an energetic blend of cumbia, moombahton and zouk bass!

Pablo Borchi, owner of our great sister-blog Cassetteblog and one of the minds behind Mexico City’s most successful global bass party Day Off, was featured prominently in Noisey Mexico with an inverview and a mixtape session. If you read Spanish, check out the great interview with one of the most active pushers of the global bass movement in Mexico. If you don’t, you can continue directly to the music!

Pedrolito Radioglobal is back with a new session of cumbia mixed with other global bass flavours, this time recorded live from this summer’s Goulash Disko Festival in Croatia!


We´ve also got many albums and EP’s in store. Take some time to listen through them because they all deserve a special place in your sets and in the playlist on your phones.

Lima´s global bass nestor Tribilín Sound is one of those artists who really take the movement to a whole new level. Next to experimenting with different styles, he knows how to bring an idea to perfection, resulting in excellent quality music that keeps blowing my mind release after release. This 9 track album blends his deep, organic-futuristic style with a variety of mostly downtempo flavours!

Andrés Digital is another nestor in the scene. The German cumbiambero embarked on an extensive project, collaborating with a wide array of artists. First of all vocalists from different corners of the global bass world: the Colombian digital cumbia alrounder Masilva, the German dancehall Mc Longfingah, the German afro-Latin band Mama Limón and the Peruvian singer Inti Irie. Besides, the original tracks have remixes by names such as LATA, chong-x, Dany F and Yelram Selectah.

The album, named ‘Andrés Digital y su Conjunto Extraterrestrial’, was published two weeks ago by the Mexico-City based netlabel Tropic-All

That same week, he also published an equally great EP, ‘Racordando’, on the Venezuelan-Peruvian netlabel El Flying Monkey Records!

The Argentinian producer Chancha Via Circuito is known for his mesmerising organic-chill style. Now he is back with a fresh and absolutely impressive 11-track album that mixes dreamy, organic Andes sounds with stunningly deep electronic vibes. Although most of the tracks are solo productions, guest appearances are made by the Canadian-Colombian indie-Latin vocalist Lido Pimienta, the Argentinian ancestral-folk singer Miriam Garcia, the Argentinian rapper Sara Hebe, and the Argentinian electronic folklorists Barrio Lindo and SidiRum. Another nice thing, with two tracks taking the chacarera rhythm, this nice, downtempo Argentinian folk rhythm seems there to stay in global bass, let’s hope for more in the future!

Just 3 days ago, the official album saw the light, published by the Brooklyn based label WHONDERWEEL Recordings. Grab it on Bandcamp, and don’t forget to check out the two video’s there!

Orihuela M.S.S. is an experimental post-futurist who is equally inspired by glitch art and underground internet culture as by Mexican cumbia sonidera and ‘global bass’. That creates a unique combination of styles and vibes, perfectly displayed in this self-published 7-track album ‘Piñas_para_todos.rar’: a musical pineapple-stand on a hypnotising Mexican market in cyberspace.. Grab the album here on his website!


After a month without a cumbia roundup, there are of course many new artists I want to introduce. The first is CumbiAp, a dark-edged tropicalist from Peru, who released a great 2-track mini EP 2 weeks ago!

And just two days back, he uploaded two remixes of tracks from his previous EP that came out half a year ago .. But that EP is so good that I had to share the original here!

Single releases

Let’s move on quickly to the single releases now!

Qechuaboi is back! While much of his recent work explores other styles, here some amazing experimental cumbia-dub-ton!

Rafael Aragon cumbiafied this absolute banger by the French dancehall-reggae artist Taiwan Mc , for his new remixes EP ‘Heavy This Year’, which you can grab here!

Erick Jaimez is also back with many new tunes! I selected two but make sure you check the others out as well!



Then now my absolute favourite treasure-find: deep vapor-trap cumbia from the Mexican channel Snu Music!

The Granada based tropical futurist Bigote is the man behind one of out favourite latin-tronic channels: Caballito Netlabel! He cumbiafied a trap banger by XVII. The original has just been released as an EDM.com exclusive!

Panikooo unleashes halloween with this deliciously dark tune that came out already last month!

LaEpidemiaDeLaCumbia remixed an amazing chill ambient-folk tune by the multi-talented Turkish composed and musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek!

Dj-negro-dub throws some heavy, energetic bass sounds into his cumbia groove!

Sumo hair blends cumbia with deep wobbly grime, a perfect combination that never gets old!


Qapac is an experimentalist from Peru whom I’ve blogged, I believe only once before. His new lush, soulful and slightly melancholic track delivers the perfect Sunday afternoon chill-sound!


And here some nice latin-psychedelism from El Teclado de Eliazz!

DjGeomix is a 3ball producer who makes some excursions into cumbia once in a while, often choosing remixes of reggaeton. Check out this cumbification of Jean Paul ft. Farruko‘s summer hit of this year, ‘Passion Whine‘!


Let’s also share another huge reggaeton connection here.. If you’re into reggaeton, you must have seen already that the Puerto Rican duo Plan B released a bass-inspired cumbiaton banger this month: ‘Mi Vecinita‘!

DJ TAO is back with many new cumbiaton vocal edits, I selected this one as my favourite!

As usual, I’ll close with some happy, accessible feelgood-tunes!

Fede Flores made a remix of Vatos Regios‘ ‘El Solterito‘ sunny, tropical grooves for all!

CumbiaDrive produced a happy retro game-flavoured 808-cumbia tune!

The Mexican formation Friccardos cumbiafied Magic!‘s hit ‘Rude‘!


And, under his on name, Fricci (1/3 of Friccardos) turned Kelis‘ classic hit ‘Trick Me‘ into tasty cumbiaton!




After all these years still loving those Balkan Beats and here’s a bunch of superior grooves in that style with top-notch production quality and a fresh take on the genre. Taking in Balkan Step, Ska and loads of Horn, this will get you moving and shaking!

Some cuts from their new album called “Our Routes”:

“Gypsy Hill – the beast from nearby the middle east – play an intoxicating mix of balkan brass, mediterranean surf rock, ska & swing. Featuring guitars, horns, tuba, a scratch DJ and a mix of live and electronic beats, Gypsy Hill effortlessley mix the tradtional with a uniquely modern sound.

Producers DJ Kobyashi and Herbert Newbert have taken the project from studio to stage, gradually growing the band and honing their high-energy live hows. Their burgeoning CV includes remixes for the likes of Balkan Beat Box and Al Jawala and a special feautre on Ninja Tune’s impressive new ‘Ninja Jamm’ app, appearing alongside electronic music royalty such as Coldcut, Mr Scruff, Bonobo and many more of the Ninja Tunes roster.

A tour history that includes some of the UK and Europe’s biggest festivals (Glastonbury, Bestival, WOMAD, Green Man,Wilderness, Sziget, Fusion), Gypsy Hill are no strangers to the big stages, having played alongside some of the greats including Taraf De Haidouks.”

[FREEBIE] Drvg Cvltvre’s analogue sample pack


Over a year ago, I was invited to visit the synth walhalla of the world. A studio filled with super rare and super awesome all ANALOGUE synths. I worked there for two days on some new stuff, which I have ben using in my songs ever since. But I also just recovered a DAT I made with sounds and hits only. I didnt have any time to cut those samples up and fine tune the thing until this last weekend.

the studio has been moved and rebranded in the meantime as KLANGENDUM, check out more on them at that link. The really cool part is that you can actually apply for a residency there! So please so. There’s a world of modular synthesis in that room that few people have the pleasure to work with, but it’s open and the guys who run it are really DIY, so if you send them an email and let them know what you want to do, chances are you’ll be able to work with that great stuff. They are located in Rotterdam, check it out.

This is an awesome pic of some modular stuf I used for the kicks and snares in this pack:

and this is the other side of the studio, see the awesomeness on the racks there folks:

So I recorded a bunch of hits, some bass synth samples, some synth samples and a bunch of kicks and snares and hihats and stuff. This is all 100% analogue. Recorded through an analogue mixing desk straight to my computer in 32 bit float. So the sound quality is really good…

so here it is, enjoy and please use as much of it as possible:

Skin Contest Ft. JSTJR [Detroit Exp/Madlib 4 EDM Generation]


Always interested to see how some of our boys are progressing and just like Heartbreak before him, JSTJR makes it onto the Owsla roster with this great new track that he has collaborated on with one of their artists, Absrdst.

I have said before that JSTJR’s work ethic and ambition always reminded me of my good ol’ boy Heartbreak. It shows how far a dedicated and committed work ethic, ambition and self-belief can take you. Of course, it must also come with a sprinkling of special talent too, which Heartbreak & JSTJR both have in endless quantity.

Hardly ground-breaking sound here but a really refreshing take on the Carl Craig/Detroit Experiment and Madlib sound of the noughties but brought bang up to date for the EDM Generation!

Funky as hell!

Gantz & El Mahdy – Rising (Fish Finger Refix) [Transnational Dubstep]


Oh my, those awesome days when Dubstep was sooooo good. Like I said on my FB recently, easily the best underground dance genre of the past 20 years in its heyday before the exploitation and over-commercialization and bastardization it had to endure in later years which killed it off in such a sad and premature way.

Fish Finger was one of our boys who appeared on the legendary Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep, still one of the best, if not the most vastly underrated, Dubstep compilations that there ever was, receiving critical acclaim and accolades from music journalists who actually invented music journalism.

Here Fish Finger tackles the new rising stars of Transnational Dubstep from Turkey, Gantz & El Mahdy and does a little refix of their track further demonstrating the awe and glory of Transnational Dubstep that still requires further exploration into the future.

(VIDEO) Generation Bass at Mañana Mañana 2014


Here it is! A couple of weeks back I told you about the most relaxing festival. Generation Bass was there and we got it on tape for you!

[vimeo 107484179 w=700&h=390]

During the last weekend of August, Mañana Mañana 2014 was held and on the saturday, Victore and I proudly held our gig as Generation Bass.

The weather varied over the course of the weekend, but especially saturday was mixed. Right before we started it was pouring so we we’re in luck that our stage was cosy. And so we kept it that way.

Over time more and more people showed up and took a lot of interest in the sounds that we played over the evening.

We had a great time, and we hope to put future performances on video too.

Cinematographer/Director: Gillian Ludwig
Animations FX: Alec ten Brundel

Produced by Rough Cut Films
© 2014




Laboreal, a new name for a new project and a new life as well. French producer Maxime Robin started this new project recently to explore new fields, enrich the spectrum of his music, rediscover some of his former unreleased materials to transformer this raw matter, to sand it, refine it, rout the noise into harmonies, carve new melodies and finally share the result with us.

To know more about him, i asked him a few questions, and he kindly accepted to answer (in French – i do apologize for the translation that might be a bit loose from time to time)

GB : Can tell us about your beginning in music, how did you get into it ?

Basically i mostly listened to music before even thinking to produce some. Then at 16 i worked on a software named Acid Pro. I used to do micro samples from what i heard on the TV with a minidisc.

GB : Before being Laboreal you were Pix, can talk about this period ?

It was a time when myspace allowed to connect with artists. I started some collaborations with German artists who worked on ambient music. In 2005 i was listening quite a lot to electronic music. I really loved starting my tracks on my mpc then finishing them on my laptop. I experimented a lot of textures as well as the use of plugins.

GB : For a long time you stood for free copyleft music, with numerous releases on Fresh Poulp Records netlabel – which was very active between 2004 and 2010. What about it today ?

At that time, there was a lot of shared music on the net and Fresh Poulp was a real opportunity for me. I never composed for money and it allowed me to share my things with other artists from the label via creative common. Today this label is more dub-oriented which explains why i haven’t released anything on it since 2011.

GB : You now sell you music at a really affordable price, why didn’t you go for more commercial music platforms with a better cashback ?

I simply decided to produce myself my music without any musical platforms. I didn’t get the chance to find a label as well.

GB : Can you talk about Laboreal?

It’s the moniker i use nowadays. It’s a play on words mixing laboratory and borealis aurora. Sounds with a stronger electronic flavour, a kind of luminous laboratory where i settle myself to play with sounds. Today i spend less time listening to music, however i take as much time, even more to produce tracks. I also work on the sound design of video projects. Music on image really appeals me.



GB : In a previous conversation you told me you chose to follow the difficult and solitary path of music composing. What motivated you ?

The fact of waking up every morning, my head filled with new ideas of tracks, mainly. It’s a passion which doesn’t generate a lot of money, but i chose to do what i love, if i can live out of it one day, it’ll be fine, but it’s truely not the case at this moment.

GB : Your EP Time displays a large spectrum of you music ; we get some ambient downtempo, atmospheric deep house, and solid and sophisticated electronica. Can tell us a bit about the creation of the tracks ?

It depends on the titles. Sometimes it is a rework of previous unreleased tracks that i had discarted to completly transform them, twitching and resampling them. Sometimes there’s a melody or rhythm pattern that initiates the work flow. For this project i reworked old tracks in 5 days. That is a track a day to fit the « time » theme of the project.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2607858545 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

GB : You have a live project in mind i believe ?

So, it’s true but it’s something i’ve never done alone. I’d love to give it a try to test my tracks with an audience.

GB : Any upcoming releases ?

Yes, i’m working on a few tracks atm. Another album should be released at the end of year.

(And here we are, the new album can be fully streamed)

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/48453205″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


So as you’ve read, Maxime Robin produced a lot of music as Pix. You can discover, enjoy listening and freely download his two released works on Fresh Poulp Records for free or via Bandcamp paying a small fee.


Pix – Neuroleptic (Free download link)

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2970220321 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]


Pix – Multiple (Free download link)

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=938144490 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]


Fantástica: the end of an era.. but finally, I was there! (event review + interview)


Last summer was the first time I found out about Fantástica: Un Cumbia Happening. When I wrote that post, with only for a couple of weeks of blogging experience, I had been looking forward to go there all summer. I couldn’t have imagined that it would take another full year before I would finally head to Amsterdam to be there. It turned out to be the last chance I’d ever be able to have…

To get to the venue, I had to take one of the rusty ferries that move back and forth across the bay towards the northern side of Amsterdam. An old industrial area where apparently, cultural and nightlife activities have mushroomed over the recent years, drawing plenty of young folks away from, rather than into the city centre on a regular Saturday night. The girl who explained it to me had been living in Berlin for a while and it is this almost Berlinesque dynamism, which you won’t find much outside Amsterdam, that sets this city apart from much of the country.

She was a fan of Analog Africa and since the moment I told her about cumbia, Fantástica and Generation Bass, we lit up the night with sparks of music talk. “Are you sure you don’t want to join?” I asked, as the ferry approached the quay. The venue was already in sight and the sparkling lights, reflected by the rippling water, radiated warm vibes into the dark, cold night. “If I wouldn’t be on the brink of collapse out of tiredness, I definitely would,” she answered.

I’ve said it before, Fantástica is the best cumbia party on the European continent since 1969 and all of this has been created by just one man: the Amsterdam based Argentinian tropicalist Hernán Ambrogi, a.k.a. Makina, a guitar-player-producer-dj who performs with a velvet tiger on his head. In the early days of the ‘cumbia happenings’, it started as a jam-session, where people would get their instruments together and improvise around the classic themes of Colombian traditional cumbia, chicha, sonidera and villera. This developed into La Banda Fantástica, a cumbia band whose live performance has remained the main act of the night ever since.

The jam-atmosphere has never left the band. When they’re playing, happiness and fun buzz around the place and once in a while the crowd bursts out, loudly singing along one of the all-time classic themes.. “Nunca, pero nunca, me abandones cariñito!”

The terrace outside had a magnificent view on Amsterdam’s nocturnal skyline. After the performance, chilling there with one of the band members, talking about the current state of the cumbia scene in Western Europe, I heard that Hernan will so0n move back to Argentina, and that this edition of Fantástica was sort of his goodbye party. I realised that an era of cumbia in Amsterdam had come to an end and that I was, at least, lucky enough to attend its apotheosis.

I decided to use this final chance to put Hernan in the spotlights of Generation Bass.

GB: For the readers who don’t know you yet, could you first introduce yourself? Who is this tiger called Makina?

H: Hey hi! Makina is a producer and Dj who makes electronic music and who also happens to play guitar in a cumbia band. I also work as a producer for other artists, but I do that work under my real name, Hernán Alejandro Ambrogi.

GB: You’re a very versatile musician. You play the guitar, you dj, you produce different kinds of music, you organise events. Is there any ‘common denominator’ in what you do, a main passion that comes back in your different activities?

H: I’ll try not to be corny, but yes, the passion for music, hehehe.

I do indeed do lots of different things connected with music and they all demand different processes. Some of them I enjoy more than others… Like I have started organizing parties so I could play, but it is something that takes a lot of energy and time. And sending emails it’s definitely not my passion! I love playing guitar and ‘singing’ with ‘La Banda Fantástica’, because it is a very straight forward activity. I plug the guitar, check the mic is working, and play for hours …

The work I do in the studio is completely different.  It’s more about the ‘sound’ and not so much about live performance. I am usually alone and completely sober hehehe. I also produce other people, which is something I like to do very much. I am currently finishing an album with Fusée Dorée, really cool deep down tempo songs.

All in all is pretty much and I think I would like to start focusing on one or two activities… rather than doing 20 things at the same time. But I am not sure this will work, hehehe…

GB: There is a big Latino community in the Netherlands and there are many Latin parties, but there seems to be very little cumbia. Why is that? How would you describe the scene here?

H: I can’t talk about The Netherlands, because I actually never go out of Amsterdam hehe But I think there are some nice parties and Dj’s that are into cumbia over here. El Búho (who also organises the SubTropikal parties), Cafe de Calaveras, UMOJA, Seb from the Rebel Up! Soundclash crew, Dj Rengo Estar, Dj Rodrigo, Dj Larva… There are even free cumbia lessons at the OT301 on Sundays! It’s not like there is a huge scene, but they are all great Dj’s and we are also friends, which is also a nice thing.

I would really like to organize a cumbia festival someday and invite them all; and also to bring all our friends from Germany, Spain and Latin America. But Like I’ve said, I don’t enjoy sending emails that much so… Maybe one day!

GB: Would you say Fantástica has put cumbia on the map?

H: I don’t know, hahaha.

People come to dance, get drunk, try to find a boy or a girl, experience the live band, listen to lots of great Cumbia Dj form around the globe, eat some empanadas or bananas, drink some more, and when you want to realize what time it is, you are already been kicked away by the dutch closing time laws, hehe…

I’ve always tried to make a happening and not just another party with a guy behind a laptop playing .mp3’s. So from the cumbia jam sessions we organised in the begining, the band came up. Next to that we always have dancers, fruit, cocktails, dj’s, vj’s, jungle decoration…

GB: What kind of people are coming to Fantástica, is there any target group?

H: I am not a big fan of the term ‘latin’ so from the beginning we’ve always try to make it accessible for everyone. Anyone can dance cumbia and you don’t need to be dress in any specific fashion, so in the end everybody feels welcome.

I think that one of the nicest things at the Fantástica is that everybody is smiling, there is a really nice vibe each time and they all leave happy!

GB: Now you’re moving to Argentina permanently, can we expect any fresh Makina projects over there?

H: Well yes! I am now busy with my first album that I am going to release under the name ‘makina y orquesta’. It’s a conceptual album for electronics, bandoneón and guitarra criolla. The style could be described as deep-organic-argentinian-electronic-music (!!!!). I’ve been listening to lots of Atahualpa Yupanqui and Murcof. Together with Deep House I guess are the biggest influences on the album.

The idea is to perform it live with Lisandro Silva Echevarría on guitars and Patricio ‘Tripa’ Bonfiglio on bandoneón. They are really amazing musicians so I can’t wait to start jamming with them!


Meanwhile, one half of the Dutch tropical duo UMOJA (the other half had a booking in Portugal that same night) had settled behind the desks and heated up the dance floor with warm-blooded, nostalgic vintage Latin from original vinyl records. Think about Frente Cumbiero, Nacho Paredes Y Su Combo De OroAlejandro Duran, or Los Corraleros. And for the final hour before closing time, Makina himself climbed the dj booth for a fresh blend of some more nu-cumbia flavours.

The people I talked to were indeed a very diverse mix. Some were personal friends of the artists, others had roots in a cumbia-country and were happy an event like this existed in the Netherlands, again others had ended up at the place randomly and were amazed by all the warmth, happiness and delicious grooves.

“When I came here for the first time,” a Romanian girl told me, “I’d never heard of cumbia, but when I heard the rhythm I felt it right away, as if it’s in my blood!”

Another girl told me about her memories of Aruba. “On the island, you hear cumbia on the radio all year long. There’s no better music for me to bring that feeling back..”

A girl who danced like a true cumbia dance queen happened to be a Dutch girl from Amsterdam who was just freestyling.

An era of Fantástica: un cumbia happening in Amsterdam has come to an end. But I’m happy I’ve been able to experience it to the fullest. Let’s see what the future holds.

Kode9 – Kan ( Banginclude Remix )


Banginclude whose new Remix EP of that Classic Zouk Bass banger “Bubbah Meck” will be dropping soon on Generation Bass making it his third release with us and it’s gonna be an almighty BANGER!

In the meantime, he has turned his attentions to flipping an old Kode9 track “Kan” and tunring it into a 88BPM Zouk Bass Bomb! He retains the “stripped palette of scuffed 808 hits, stabs and near-chiptune arpeggios” but adds those narsty Zouk Bass triplets and keeps the most interesting aspects of the original tune intact but adds some much needed “Sex Appeal”.


Young People To Watch – Muzi


We’ve known for quite some time now that South African Bass Prodigy Muzi is a name to watch and we’re so glad his own country is coming to the same conclusion. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world does too.

Here’s an interesting intimate interview with the great kid himself displaying a more human side to his otherwise monstrous epic sounds.

His debut EP is still available for free on Generation Bass Digital, check below: