Good Transnational Bass collaboration here from India via Denmark to the USA.

Alo Wala is a product of The Post World Industries team headed by the lovely Mata Hari.

“ALO WALA, meaning “person of the light” in a Bengali / Hindi mashup, is a live electronic music band featuring Chicago-born rapper Shivani Ahlowalia and Tropical Bass pioneers Copia Doble Systema. Intergalactic, their sound is rooted in hip hop and branches into countless bass-driven subgenres as they deliver an explosive dancefloor experience.”

Nucleya is a name that ought to be familiar to you as the Generation Bass blog were one of the first to highlight him on the blogosphere at least 5 years ago. Not only that but he use to be a member of Bandish Projekt in the early days until the dreaded “artistic differences” tore them apart. You might also recall him from my infamous India Calling Mixtape back in 2009!

If you don’t know who MC Zulu is then you ought to come out more often.

Sly&Robbie guitar lick leads the whole track with M.I.A. like rapping by Shivani before the Indian madness kicks in which is kind of reminiscent of that classic Duke Dumont banger “Hoy” which use to slay the dance floor whenever I dropped it.

Mc Zulu’s flow comes in half-way through guaranteeing the party vybz are well & truly present!

Essential Banger!

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