You should recall Knowa Lusion aka Knowone from the brilliant Transnational Dubstep Compilation we released a few years back with his Cumbia Dub contribution.

On this new EP he teams up with The Human Experience aka David Block and the 2 of them have been friends and collaborators for many years.

“When Worlds Collide” is a selection of their finest work together, bringing both of their styles and skills to bear, combining rhythms, instruments and sounds from around the world and beyond with some fresh tasty beats and bass. @Other Side of the Tracks” features Chicago’s legendary MC Zulu. “Chasing Thunder” features drums by world bass producer DrumSpyder.”

Really feeling the atmospherics on this release, Transnational sounds travelling into outer space.

“Lazer Dreams” is as its title suggests, a sonic emotional exploration into Dreamy Space Beats with a touch of Lazer Bass.

“The Other Side of the Tracks” features MC Zulu who is mentioned for the second time on the blog today. This time the pair go into Dub Reggae Glitch mode with Mc Zulu sounding like a RastafarI in Space!

On the third & title track, “When Worlds Collide”, the pair land on the moon and delve into more emotional Glitch Hop Beats.

The final track “Chasing Thunder” sees them incorporating Indian themes with Arabic Bellydance percussion by DrumSpyder in the context of Glitched Space Bass Beats.  My fave of the tracks!

Cop it for free!

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