Now I decided to start an End of Summer series anyway, a 3ball edition was the first thing on the list, especially with all the great music that has been released and that some of you may have missed. 3ball is my first-love global bass genre and for as long as I’ll be active in music, it can count on my support!


When it comes to future talents, the innovative duo Los Innsurgentes, keep being my absolute number 1 favourites! This september they’ll be back with a mouthwatering new EP named ‘La Maldad’ (‘Evil’).. we’ll keep you updated!


Alan Rosales‘ ‘Tu-Ku-T-Tu-Ku EP’ is a project that you have probably seen around already. It is a collaboration between some of the most important names in Mexico-City based branch of the the scene like Ghetto Kids, Dj Mouse and El Catorce as well as 3Ball-MTY‘s Dj Otto and the Guadalajara based duo Los Master Plus. Enjoy 7 excellent quality tracks, perfect for every global bass, or eclectic latin set!

Dj Skarley is another producer who makes great, accessible 3ball that can directly played for almost any kind of mainstream dancefloor. He cleaned up his soundcloud account and bundled all his tunes together in one huge pack, which you can download here!


Single releases:

Among the new 3ball that has come out are absolute jewels but no track blew my mind more than this new production from the king of 3ball Erick Rincon himself, in collaboration with the NAAFI-signed experimentalist Siete Catorce released two weeks ago as an exclusive for the independent, forward looking music & culture platform 8106.tv. This fantastic, subtly dark edged deep-prog influenced track shows that, next to future cumbia and future tarraxo, future 3ball is a reality now and it’s there to stay!


Like to download!

When I heard this track, it directly reminded me of the visionary dark flavoured minimal future 3ball/ruidosón experiment that my friend Antae released some months back. This has probably gone largely unnoticed in the Mexican 3ball scene but if you dig Erick Rincon’s track, you will absolutely love this one too!


Next to their upcoming EP, Los Innsurgentes have been releasing many fantastic productions over the last months. For in case you missed them, I selected my 4 favourites!





Dj Giovanni Rios is another all time favourite 3ball producer whose music keeps impressing me every time he releases something new.

Like this banging tribal evolution reflip of Skrillex’ 2011 hit First of the Year!

This previous original production brings excellent deep-uplifting vibes!

While this huge, dark edged snippet releases some serious explosive energy!


And he also appeared on Rafael Aragon‘s ‘Llego la hora LP’ with a slow-guarachero remix of a moombahton original. Unfortunately we failed to blog the full album when it came out on Latino Resiste, in case you missed it, grab it here!

Recently I saw that Sergio Lugo also embraced Giovanni Rios’ tribal evolution movement with a deliciously bassful rework of an older track!

And even Clap Freckles, one of the scene’s OG’s, released an absolutely fantastic dark-psychedelic remix of a early hardstyle classic!

This is the first time I shamelessly promote myself. Last year, Walmer Convenience organised a remix contest of David Heartbreak‘s foundational moombahcore classic ‘King Kong‘. I took part in it, under my soundcloud name Ojo Torrado, but missed the deadline. This is what I have so far and a couple of weeks ago, I put the demo on public to show it to the Facebook group ‘Jungle Terror’. So why not share it here too..

Every time Erick Jaimez releases a new track I’m happy to see he’s still in the game. He did some amazing cumbia-twerk experiments lately that will receive massive support in my next cumbia roundup, but he is also doing more 3ball these days. Just check out these most recent examples!



From the same city, Dallas Texas, is the absolute king of the Texan 3ball scene, Dj Tamalero. For a while he didn’t release 3ball anymore to focus on some other experiments including trap, cumbia and moombahton. But last months he was back with this absolutely magnificent banger such as only he can do.. This blows my mind so hard I can’t even express it in words!

And not much later appeared this classical-texan flavoured 3ball stomper!

Dj Gecko keeps pushing the movement two fresh big tunes in his ever-characteristic style!

This was the track where he announced to return to 3ball last month. The combination of norteño sounds, a pumping 3ball beat and rap is just the perfect club formula!

Here another classical Gecko-style tune, from too weeks back!

And this huge Sega-inspired demo, which sounds like combining the styles of Tamalero, Giovanni Rios and himself, came out just last week.. I’m convinced that more will follow soon and we’ll let you know here!


DJ Chunti has got a lot more bangers in store for us and he actually asks his followers to add him on facebook and share ideas for new tracks and remixes!

This tune shows how bass-music inspired synths and bleeps are finding their way into a generation of 3ball tunes!

Here another great demo!

And this absolutely slapping demo he produced in collaboration with DeeJay Lazer .. if you want him to release it, comment!


FLV$H is an allround producer who makes 3ball next to trap & hiphop beats and even crossbreeds between these styles. Check out his newest banger!


Let’s finish the post with prehispanico-grooves. They keep evolving these days and keep being one of the most unique micro-styles in global bass music that I know.. let’s check this out and join me on a wonderful pyramid trail!

Dj Jabo MTY made this mystically flavoured tune with a delicious flute sound!

And, well preserved for the end.. my three favourite new releases from the unchallenged king of tribal prehispanico: Alfonso Luna! All three the tracks are not only of excellent quality but also highly innovative and creative, really pushing the sound forward into new territory. Especially ‘El Rencuentro’, which experiments with a much lower BPM, generates an entirely unique vibe that lies inbetween cumbia, tribal, moombahton and even tarraxo!








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