To celebrate their new “Creature Carnival” tour that kicks off next month, our fave Tribal Bellydance Fusionists drop a free sampler.

The sampler consists of 5 tracks from 5 of their albums, hand-picked by them, for you, to help induct others into their wonderful world!

“Here’s a free sampler of our music: 5 tracks from 5 of our albums, hand-picked by us, for you, to help induct others into our wonderful world…

Please share with friends, loved ones, pets, bosses, teachers, power bottoms, and that dude outside who is looking at you funny.

We want to bring as many of you beautiful freaks into the fold as possible before the Creature Carnival tour kicks off next month. Stay tuned for exciting news about how you can get involved… creaturecarnival.net/

In the meantime, you guys get free music to share, and we get new freaky friends to meet. It’s a great deal for everyone 🙂

Get the free download here: bit.ly/BagOBeats

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