Welcome back folks. I’d love to give you a serious rant about serious thangs, but I seriously dont have the time for it. so we’ll just head straight for the belly of the beast, the music itself and we’ll let that do the talking.

I’m going to kick off with the mysterious and highly productive GESLOTEN CIRKEL, rumours have it this is Russian, but it def sounds like someone from Holland we all know & love no? and no, i’m not talking about myself.. jeez…

My homie PERC is busy as usual, dropping insane tracks left and right. This is a rave throwback in the form of some ominous industrial techno. Love that chirp thats bubbling up and transforming. too bad its only a preview, but now you know what record to pre-order. Coming on Chris Liebing’s label!

perc grinder preview

aaaand i’m just gonna throw some sluggish, ebm ish, doomy electro in here for the hell of it. what a nice jam.. forthcoming on BITTER MOON those cats have something going there, be sure to check out their other stuff as well:

this is also cool: WASTED GAZE

This new MARQUIS HAWKE on CREME is everything you’d ever need in a house jam. its gritty lofi vocal house of the weirdest variaty. REALLY REALLY great track this, go cop it:

There’s this label called ENDANGERED SPECIES which is hot and has a wicked collection of releases. I think I’ve posted some of their stuff before actually. but this is one of my own personal favs of the last week. A dark underwater claustrophic affair by RESTRAINT. oooooff those vocals coming in. scary stuff..
retraint / endangered species

Few newcomers have created that stir that Italy’s Alessandro Parisi has caused. Following releases on Lux Rec, Minimal Rome and Flight Recorder this young producer has captivated audiences with his textured electronics and vivid soundscapes. It is to this bright talent that Frigio Records have turned to proudly introduce the label’s first full vinyl full length: Cathar Rhythms.

Cathar Rhythms marks a new musical venture for this talented Italian. His well-honed, brooding electronics are further fortified with full rhythms and an even darker countenance. “Something wicked this way comes…”

And ending this week’s overview with some darkness of the techno kind. what a blast. This is DAMASKIN from france who has been dropping some seriously demented techno tracks the last couple of years. This is all out and still perfect for a dance floor. get hip to this:

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