One of the freshest EP’s we’ve heard of late.

Track 1:
“Vibration” is a deep, minimal & hard-hitting Moombahton track with a whirl of pounding kicks and heavy (Adamski) “Killer” like sub-bass. A track harking back to the classic period of the Moombahton genre. Noticeably inspired by and taking in shades of that Minimal House classic that is “Rej” by Ame!

Track 2:
“Storm Rider” is a Deep Zouk Bass track with a stylized 90’s Vogue House voice over and a Middle Eastern flava. What a strange combination of elements but it all works! Another Epic Banger of a track to add to his growing cannon of Middle Eastern inspired Zouk Bass beats, the finest out there by a long shot!!!

Cop it for FREEEEE!!!

Carlos Valle, AKA Rathero, is a music producer living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born and raised in Peru and is very much influence by its culture and other ethnic sounds from around the globe. He was surrounded by electronic music from an early age and started djing in his early teens but with time realized he wanted to learn more. Rathero began playing guitar in high school and joined a punk band called “Terror Squad.” Around 2012 he started teaching himself music production and while he is still defining his sound, you can hear influences in his music ranging from Dancehall, Punk, and Reggae to Hip Hop, Salsa, and more.



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