Some of you should recall the brilliant Iranian-Swiss producer Samim from his worldwide smash “Heater” back in 2007 that was played on the dancefloors everywhere in that year. The innovative Tech-House monster hit sampled Colombian Accordionist, Aniceto Molina’s, Cumbia classic “La Cumbia Cienaguera”. The track slayed dancefloors everywhere, I remember because it use to be a staple track in all my sets around that time and it always went off.

Here’s a reminder:

He kinda went quiet after that monster smash but did have a blog called “Crashroots” back in 2009 that we use to do posts from and I even blogged on it from time to time as it was open format.

Just saw he uploaded a bunch of tracks from his Crashroots project on Soundcloud and had to get them on here. Some amazing Latin and House tunes with glorious funky horns and ace percussion too. This is dope stuff and it’s all free.

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