Now my headman, Generation Bass’ heavywheight Dj UMB just blogged Hekmah’s Arab trap, it’s more than time for a very special EP that has been out since almost two weeks now. UMB doesn’t like trap but I do, and GAMEFACE is one of my most favourite producers ever. ‘Tortured’ is a powerful EP, dedicated to the struggle of the suffering Palestinian people. I reached out to the producer to ask him how this idea came about.

GF: I’ve been following the Israel-Palestine conflict for many years now and what’s going on there is absolutely horrific. Seeing the images of the recent violence made me decide to try to create awareness among my fans by means of an EP.

GB: The tracks have suggestive titles such as ‘Death Castle’, ‘Tortured’ and ‘Joker’. Are there any specific meanings or messages behind these?

GF: In general I’m known for dark music with dark titles so that trend is continued here. Names like ‘Death Castle’ and ‘Joker’ seem to fit into that image. ‘Tortured’ is the title-track, a dark sound with heavy bass. It’s how the track makes me feel, without anything more specific behind it.

GB: The track ‘Gaza’ uses samples of an old Arabic recording that makes me curious. Could you tell anything more about it?

GF: The sample is not an old Arabic but an old Indian sample. I couldn’t find anything Arabic so easily but I thought this kind of sounded like it. Sufficiently to give the listeners a Middle-Eastern feeling.

GB: On the EP, you work together with Hekmah. How did that collaboration arise? What appeals to both of you in each others music?

GF: Hekmah is another artist with a heart for the victims in this conflict, who makes the same kind of music as I do. Besides, he had heard a snippet of ‘Death Castle’ in one of my mixtapes, which got him totally enthusiastic. That eventually led to his featuring.


1. Intro

2. Gaza

3. Death Castle feat. Hekmah

4. Tortured

5. Nadia Ali Rapture (Gameface Remix)

6. Joker

7. Outro

Get the EP here for free!


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